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And Yet He Lived: From a former gang member to a school administrator

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David's world was one of constant trials and tribulations.   Many of them grew out of the bad  choices he made, while others were beyond his control.   

From Beyond the Veil: How Joan Communicates her Husband from the Grave

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Wheeler must have drawn on a deep well of courage when she chose to overcome that tragedy for the sake of her children

Co-dependency and Finding a Healing Ground: Rachel Lieberman's Story

Codependency is a toxic disease due to loss of self - -- loss of the feeling of anything positive about one's self, and self esteem

American disability compliance code manual Jordan Pubns The algebra tutor: best book for algebra W. Thomas
A blind woman's  personal story of inspiration S.Slater 101 ways to avoid hospital mishaps Y. Vidal
Why 98,000 Patients Died: Overcoming the Invisible Crime Y. Vidal (media refused to listen) Love and money with Venus star mandalas J & V. Lee
Being certain in a world with no absolutes B. Dixon The other side of the mountain R. Halpert
Forgiveness means being able to start all over L. Vidal Mystery books, vampire horror and detective stories  M. Cervello
Secrets of gravity and motion H. Gwillim Mexico's Tehuantepec canal controversy; a lesson in American diplomacy R. Schade
Do you live what you say you believe? C. Stimage Smoking Barrel; how to make it through the system and attain N. Brown
A Hispanic Christian bookstore Corporate Motivator: How to motivate people C. Franklin
Famous Quotes From My Father Clara A. Stewart Scrutchen  

"When good people keep quiet, the voices of evil will grow louder"

Book Expo Special Issue, July, 2000

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