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After the motivation seminar

gif1.gif (1578 bytes)by Carleen Franklin

It is said "motivation" makes the world go 'round. We have to be motivated to get up in the seek and follow a find friends....and even a "way of life." Very often when we think we want to do something or go somewhere, the body doesn't cooperate. However, when we motivate or stimulate the mind, the body follows. Motivation comes from within--the source of our power! We simply need to activate our "internal computer" with the right access words to make the changes we seek. The more we use the technique of repetition, the stronger we become and internal motivation becomes a habit.

WEBSTER DESCRIBES MOTIVATE AS: to furnish with a motive, to be the motive of, to impel, to induce, TO BE ACTIVE!

bulb.gif (4525 bytes) M - ME - MOTIVATE STARTS WITH M AND ENDS WITH E! That tells us something right there. The place to start motivating is with ME!

People are suggestible...enthusiasm is contagious--so is whatever else I may have. Using affirmations and setting my own goals, I set the example of positive direction. I SHOW the results of motivation. By using the tools at my disposal--books, tapes, mentors, I start with keeping myself "up."

O - OTHERS Is it possible to "motivate" others? By knowing what I have to offer others, and willingly sharing my knowledge, listening to their ideas and comments and really caring about them, they will respond to me. Everyone needs to be needed--by just letting them know I need them--and CARE about them, spending time active listening to them, and using positive words in communicating, I will maintain a receptive atmosphere to my ideas. Others will be open to my influence--this is motivating.

T - TEAM People have a need to belong - to be on a team - to be

consulted about decisions that affect their lives and livelihood.

Whether a person is in a decision making position or capacity or not just the fact that they are considered can motivate them to try harder to be a part of the team. I need to be part of a team too!

By doing the best I can, by belonging, I motivate myself to even greater accomplishments.

I - INTENTION By having the intention of being successful in reaching my goals and/or with people--I don't just "try," I make the commitment and follow through. I am responsible! I take the INITIATIVE to make the other person feel important and more in control of his/her own life. Intention is a determination to accomplish. I constantly express my intention to reach my own goals and take the initiative to share my success with others.

V - VISUALIZE what I want for myself and others. Actually see myself getting the recognition and reward$ of my effort. Constantly share with others my visions and my dreams. By telling others, it reinforces my goals and spurs me on to action. I cut out pictures of goals and place them in strategic places as a constant reminder. I use affirmations to strengthen my motivation and follow through.

A - ACTIVITY - I realize this is the only way to success--being consistently active in WORKING at my commitment--even if I'm just mentally conscious of it. Even on the road to success, we'll get run over if we just sit there. I learn to set priorities; write everything down that I need to do; make a plan and follow it. I willingly do what has to be done, knowing this is the way to reach my goals. Others see this and follow my example--I am a leader.

T - TACTFULLY I remind myself of my goals -- never fuss at myself or evoke guilt because things aren't going the way I think they should. I will never "should" on myself either--that regresses my attitude! Five minutes of negative thoughts can take days to over-come--it just isn't smart. I approach others with the greatest tact possible--I realize that they have a different viewpoint--their values are different (everyone's values are different--based on their previous experience.) Their viewpoint is just as valuable to them as mine is to me. NO ONE IS EVER WRONG! I empathize with them. I can never change another's point of view--they must do that by being tactful, I can still motivate them.

E - ENTHUSIASM - Webster defines this as "evidence of my belief."

By constantly reminding myself that my goals are good, and attainable, my enthusiasm will stay high. I remember "People are Suggestible"--by maintaining my own enthusiasm, I am able to influence others--enthusiasm is very motivating. People want to be around a success--it feels good. So even if I am not as successful right now as I feel I can be, by maintaining my enthusiasm, I am spreading the "joy" around while striving for my personal success. And one of the people who is most motivated from this attitude is ME !

*Copyright 1992 Carleen Franklin

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