Our Cosmic Connection by R. Wayne Stewart

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What is our connection to the Cosmos? What is the True Meaning of Life?
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What is our true point of reference? For years I have wrestled with the question of whether there was a meaning to my life, or any other human life, for that matter. Should we be that different from the animals? Is there a connection between our lives and the lives of animals, insects and birds? or is there a broader connection?

I read of and about religions, but was disturbed by the tremendous conflicts, inconsistencies and disagreements that permeate the five major world religions.

Wars, large and small, are still raging over the differences in religions, even wars over interpretations within a specific religion itself.

In all of these, I could find no true believable realities or truths. I am not capable of making a "giant-leap-of-faith" in order to believe or to be convinced.

I studied many books on science, in many different disciplines, to see if that would lead somewhere. Low and behold, it did. The perspective we gain from broader knowledge of the cosmos begins to reflect a clearer point of reference for us humans.

It is obvious that if you are locked in a dark room, your point of reference is severely limited. But if your senses can "see" and "drink in" the universe with clarity and substantiated knowledge, your point of reference is much more stable and believable. My question is, Why would anyone do otherwise?

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Consequently, I have tried to assemble this knowledge into a coherent case for the meaning of life, or for the meaning behind our connection to the Cosmos. I am absolutely convinced that all current evidence points definably  to a solid, incontrovertible connection.


In this book you will find a diverse menu of subjects that relate directly or indirectly to this connection.

From "What is a Belief or Belief System" to  "What is Good About Us," to finally, "What is the True Meaning of Life," I have tried to put the pieces together for the reader.

Whether you agree or not with my premise or my final conclusion, the information contained in this book should be informative and illuminating for most readers.

My hope is that all who read it will find something they can use to better understand their point of reference, their place in the Universe and their connection to the Cosmos.

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