Los Angeles Book Expo 2003
Publishers Marketing Association Takes Book Expo by Storm! What's in For Y2000?

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Book Expo Y2000 takes place in Chicago at McCormick Place from June 2-June 4
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Book Expo 2000

Book Expo 1999 - Los Angeles

Book Expo 1998 - Chicago

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Book Expo Seminar

Jan Nathan Addresses PMA Members at the Benjamin Franklin Award Dinner in Los Angeles

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ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings and Sylvia Tencer of Chicago

2000 Press Releases Press Coverage Book Expo 99 Pictorial Press Report #1
P.M.A Marketing Author Breakfast May 2,1999 Book Expo Press Report-98
P.M.A University PMA Members' Dinner #1 Pictorial Press Report #2
P.M.A Main Site PMA Members' Dinner #2 Book Expo Special Features
P.M.A Ad. Rate PMA Booths at the Book Expo Pictorial Press Report #3
Reed Book Expo Benjamin Franklin Award PMA Members Dinner
Bookzone Dr. Ruth and Julia Childs etc. PMA Members at Book Expo
Book Market

Book Expo Press Report Continues: Coverage by Victor Vidal OUTCRY Magazine

Book Expo Press Releases 2000

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Jan Nathan: the godmother of P.M.A speaks!

Publisher Marketing Association will again be at the Book Expo this year in Chicago operating the most popular publishing university to help authors promote and publish books

Expect a lot of wonderful and helpful courses this year.

Special Authors at the Chicago Book Expo 2000
Dolly Braida: New Beginnings; More Reflections
Gloria T. Edwards: Death Will Pay the Debt: A Tale of Conspiracy and Black Magic
Robert Schade: Mexico's Tehuantepec Canal Controversy: An American Diplomacy
Alan Freedman: Driving Pursuits of a Chicago Cabby
Yisrayl Hawkins: The Lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets 
Yisrayl Hawkins: Peaceful Solutions
Elizar Torres: The Americans Are Coming
Sheldon Kaplan: Tips on how to stop smoking, drinking, gambling and drugs
Joan Wheeler LaGrone: From Beyond the Veil: A compelling Story of Life After Death
Jo Lee & Dr. Vernon Lee, How to answer your questions about love and money
R. Wayne Stewart: What is our connection to the Cosmos? What is the Meaning of Life?
Russell W. Patt: Lilitu! Demon Queen or Mother of Man
Bill Handel: The Compass - - - The Spirit of Truth
Cornelius L. Barker and Claudette J. Searchwell: "And Yet He Lived?"
Annie L. Arvie: A.J. The Purple Chickee - - - Children's Book
Joyce Frye: Mommy Tracker Helps Busy Moms Find More Time
Jordan Pubns: Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Code Manuals
Joyce W. Jordan: Marriage Ordained by God - What's the Problem
Robert D. Halpert: The Other Side of the River: A Story About an American War
Carleen Franklin: Soaring to New Heights on the Wings of Eagles
Dr. Witts: Implication of STD. on Teenagers - Witt's End, a Historical Novel
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