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The Compass: The Spirit of Truth by Bill Handel
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Wilhelm J. Handel offers an excellent text for the reader interested in spiritual fulfillment, earthly happiness and heavenly joy. The Compass is a guide to God the Real, the spirit of goodness that so many people find lacking in their lives. Handel helps you awaken the spirit within your heart, mind and soul to help you become the happy, decent and prosperous person you`ve always wanted to be. Through planning, organizing, initiative, perseverance and a host of other steps, this book will guide you towards your dream: making heavenly joy a reality for you here on Earth. 

Bill Handel's Message:
There are seven major religions in the world today, and I ask, Who are you rooting for? .....

Well, whatever you say, it does not matter because we all get the benefit of the exercise in each.

You know the seven authors of the religions are Confucius, Abraham, Buddha, St. Paul, Mohammed, Singh, and (Guess Who), "The Spirit of Goodness."

Yes, "The Spirit of Goodness" says, "We are One, Not, I am It. Yes, "The Spirit of Goodness" represents the winning combination of religions in the world today. Yes, the winning religion of today, (and today is all we have) is society as a whole, because it makes the rules (Laws), and society sets up the mechanisms to achieve peace and harmony throughout life.

And "The whole of society is now represented by; guess what?"   Previewism! And the author of Previewism is (Saint Bill). So all you other gentlemen takes a bow, knees and all, you gentlemen, bow.

And let not one of you walk away sulking. We all get the benefits of the exercise of talking to one-another in "The Spirit of Goodness," God the real.

Yes, "The Spirit of Goodness" lets us know that Heaven is for all, not just the hoity-toity self-righteous idiots, fat-heads, sulkers, yes, shadow worshippers. Yes, "The Shadow" is God the fraud, the liar, when it says, "I am real," look down and watch me. Wrong, it is illusion.

Look up and see reality because reality is God and God is reality, not fantasy. Yes, the light of day brings us reality. The shadow of night brings us illusion. Reality is truth, love and forgiveness; illusion is lie, fear and condemnation and curse.

Published by Previews Inc. Eternal (Trust) Foundation, 4209 - 26th Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2B 0E1 Tel: 403-273-9182, Fax: 403-273-4119, E-mail: Service@previews-inc.com Hardcover, 332 Pages,   ISBN 0969748701

Author's website:   www.previews-inc.com

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