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Love and Money with Venus Star Mandalas by Jo and Dr. Vernon Lee

Venus Star Mandalas by Jo Lee, MNCGR
and Dr. Vernon Lee, D.C.

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This book is an Oracle, answering questions about love and money. It is channeled material, received by the author during final edit of her first book, "The American I Ching."  VENUS STAR MANDALAS literally demanded to be written. Both books are based on Dane Rudhyar's Sabian Symbols, updated for Aquarian Age. Although professional astrologers have used them as Oracles since 1925, this is the first time they have been presented to the public in readily usable format.

VENUS STAR MANDALS received worldwide acclaim in an 18-month Internet test, amazing querants with answers to all their questions. It presents a Sabian Symbol (Mandala, or word picture) for each degree in the zodiacal circle. It is a great coffee

  table book, a party ice-breaker, and a psychic consultant.

When presented to the public for the first time at an International Astrological Convention in Chicago in July 1992, these books were received with open arms by astrologers and the public. "Wow this really works!"  - - - "Positively written" - - -  "Easy to understand" were many of the comments. But, "Where's the software?" asked many. Now the software makes it possible to turn a PC into a personal psychic.

Published by Star Mandalas, 2123 Purdue Street, Sarasota, Florida 34237. ISBN #0-9679710-2-0, 223 pages, $14.95. Available from Star Mandals or NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTING Co. Book distributors only. New Leaf does not sell to individual consumers. 800-326-2665, Fax: 800-326-1066.

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