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Purple Chickee: A.J. The Purple Chickee by Annie L. Arvie

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A.J. The Purple Chickee book is designed to promote love, caring and sharing.    This book portrays the life of a child that didn't know where she belonged.    She is searching for where she came from and why is she purple.  A. J.    The Purple Chickee met a friend that helped her research her background.   This friend introduced her to a librarian, who lead them to a nearby farm.   The owner of the farm remembered that she had a special egg in the farm bin and it had disappeared.

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Author: Annie L. Arvie

In today's society there exist drug usage, violence, crime, and excessive use of profanity.  This problem is detrimental because young people constitute the majority of their existence.  I hope this book will teach children how to  communicate with each other, their parents and other adults.

With this said, I strongly think that if young people take the time to read the book "A.J. The Purple Chickee"   they will grow up to be productive citizens.

Annie Arvie Publishing, 1040 mulberry Rd, Opelousas, LA 70570 ISBN # 0-9679409-0-7, 10 pages including colorful illustrations, $6.00. To order call: 318-826-7954

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