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Press Coverage of the Book Expo 1998 Continues.

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Below: Terry Nathan - Jan's Son at the Chicago Expo '98

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Jan Nathan of P.M.A.

At the PMA party which took place at the Como Inn in Chicago, Jan Nathan the executive director of the association elegantly walked in shortly before the dinner was over. She was welcomed with a standing ovation. Cheerfully, she expressed her thanks to the PMA members and their contributions to the survival of the association.

Jan said she has always been involved with the PMA internet programs and has been reading everything members are saying on the PMA-list -- watch out members!

"I welcome your compliments and criticisms as well, with these we continue to grow, and thank you all so much for your support," said Jan.

Jan Nathan: JanNathan@aol.com

Association's Website: www.pma-online.org

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