Demon Queen or Mother of Man: Lilitu by Russell W. Patt
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The legend of Lilitu or Lilith is well-known among feminists and other progressive women. Her resolute independence has made her a figurehead of many feminine organizations and an infant-killing demon, according to the patriarchal story-tellers. Lilitu presents Lilith in an entirely different light.

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The Patriarch has had more than six thousand years to redeem itself. It failed miserably. It is time for the matriarch. It is time for Lilitu.

Poor Professor Gerard Catowski, perfectly happy to live his life of self-imposed celibacy at his backwater no-name university, is beset by semen-stealing demons.


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The spawn of Naamah, angelic sister of Lilitu, has chosen him as her betrothed. She bedevils the professor with her extreme beauty and ignites the fire of lust in his soul.

She possesses his students, driving some of them to their deaths and others to the utmost depths of wantonness. But all is not as it appears.

The professor's explicit erotic spectral visitations by his dead students, his devilish sexual encounters, and his accusations by the authorities propel him down the road of revelation. He is thrust into a new life, new loves, and the New matriarch, born from the apocalyptic end of the Patriarch.

"Good erotica is hard to find as is good horror. Lilitu is both." Linda Kerr-Iwaniw, Editor, PentDragon Press.

"Sadly apocalyptic, but leaves you with hope." Wendy Weeks, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

About the author: Russell W. Patt

Russell is a fifty-five year old long-married father of three daughters. He was born in Michigan, where he spent the first half of his life. He now resides in sunny South Florida. He spent almost ten years in the military, where he had the opportunity to travel the world over. His military travels not only allowed him to view first hand cultures other than his own, but also the insanity and horrors of warfare.

Russell was in his forties when he graduated from Florida international University with B.S.C.S. and is now a software engineer, a real computer nerd. Most of his writing are of a technical nature. Lilitu is his first serious attempt at fiction. It was actually developed from a never-finished adult computer text adventure game.

Published by Inc., 620 N. 48th Street, Suite 201, Lincoln, NE 68504-3467 ISBN # 0-595-09112-1, 257 pages.

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