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What's the Problem?

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Marriage Ordained by God - What's the Problem


Joyce W. Jordan

A "must read" book for all married couples.  This book was written and designed for both partners to read and discover their own shortcomings and what is needed to correct them

It is a tool designed to bring unity within the marriage.  Don't read this book to identify your mate's faults.  Read it to identify your faults.

Joyce W. Jordan was led and ordained by God to search the scriptures regarding his perfect will for marriage, because of the many questions relative to her marriage.  The results, a book to help you build a successful relationship in your marriage.

If you are eager for a happy marriage and thirsty for unity in your marriage, then you need this book.  It deals with the root causes of the symptoms we see daily in marital relationships and other types of relationships.

AVAILABLE AT:     Robinson Christian Bookstore, 1408 3rd Ave. W.     Birmingham, AL.    and Christ In You Bookstore, 4800 Gary Ave.   Fairfield, AL. Book priced at $12.95. A 6 tape "tape series" of issues in the book at a cost of $35.00, Individual tapes $6.00

Book can be ordered from Psalms Books, P.O. Box 311343, Birmingham, AL 35231   (205) 613-6264

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