Cab Driver Memoir: Strange Stories of Cab Driving in Chicago

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Alan Freedman's Home Page: Author of the book --- Driving Pursuits of a Chicago Cabby

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Looking for the strange, unusual stories of how one cab driver dealt with the con-artists and dead-beats, endured the obnoxious and drunks and survived the stick-up-artists?

This collection of stories will shock, amuse, entertain and sometimes bring you to tears.

These are the stories of a cab driver's 49 years of experience driving in the Windy City!  He has had more than experience; he was educated in one of the biggest social universities of the nation --- the city of Chicago!

On one occasion, a teenage female attempted to skip out --- chasing her through a long passageway and three flights of stairs, I caught her trying to hide behind a garbage can. Another  joker jumped out from the first-floor window at night in the winter to avoid paying a $2 cab fare!

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One intoxicated villain punched me in the jaw, ripped the meter off the dash and then fled down the street because I would not let him play the radio. Another who attempted to con me out of my money also punched me in the jaw when I insisted he should pay me the full fare.

One skilled con-artist gave me an unbelievable story of  a fabulous trip that would bring me a goodly gain of cash. Though it sounded, good it would relieve me of my money. One lying scoundrel, who rode in my cab all day, attempted to extort money from a bar owner by force and intimidation. I later discovered he had no money.

Acts of repugnancy and indecency that occurred in the back seat of my taxicab left me in a state of shock. One passenger's special request brought him to the dreaded Carbrini-Green project. Seeking to buy drugs, he disappeared.

All the above and more coupled with mystery, drama and humor vividly told in my book, Driving Pursuits of a Chicago Cabby by Alan Freedman. ISBN # 1-892779-20-X, 192 pages, $15.00

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"Freedman began telling of the struggles he has gone through to convert a lifetime of hacking into a 192-page book, "Driving Pursuits of a Chicago Cabby." - - - Jon Anderson, Staff Writer, Chicago Tribune, July 7, 1999.

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