From Beyond the Veil: A Compelling True Story of Life After Death by Joan Wheeler

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A Spiritually Powerful and Inspirational Story

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"I sincerely enjoyed your book From Beyond the Veil. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It is well written and thought provoking." Kathy Greenholdt

Wheeler relates a compelling story of romance with her first husband Tom in a not-so-long-ago America in which life seemed simpler, sweeter and ultimately more satisfying. That life quickly came crashing down for

Wheeler when Tom - - her true soul mate - - succumbed to cancer in his 20s, leaving her to raise their four young sons alone.

Wheeler must have drawn on a deep well of courage when she chose to overcome that tragedy for the sake of her children. Similarly, she had to rely on courage again when she decided to face her grief after hiding it away for 30 years in the back of her mind.

Wheeler's memories of Tom come rushing back when she stumbles on love letters he wrote to her long ago. For the reader, these letters, along with others written by Tom's friends and classmates, paint a clear picture of a dashing, fun-loving man who has rare character and compassion.

When Wheeler claims to be visited by Tom's soul during her grieving process, readers might become skeptical. Nevertheless, she does a fine job of making her case that spirits do exist in our physical world and are here to comfort and guide us in troubled times. She even goes so far as to admit her own initial doubts on this subject.

I often have my own doubts about stories of ghosts and spirits, but that doesn't mean I think they don't exist. And if someday one decides to visit me, I can only hope it is as kind and gentle a soul as the one who inspired this book.  

Reviewed by Kathy Greenholdt, Editor, Chicago, IL

Published by WIN Publishers of Colorado, P.O. Box 193, Broomfield, Colorado 80020, ISBN# 0-9679230-0-X, 164 pages, $19.95

Book Signing:
May 17,  2000  at 7 pm. Barnes and Nobles, Ft. Collins. CO.
June 1, at 7:30 pm Tattered Cover, Cherry Ck, Denver.

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