The Other Side of the River

A Novel of the American Civil War by Robert D. Halpert.

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The Other Side of the River


Robert D. Halpert

Robert D. Halpert's new historical novel is a bold and thought-provoking journey into the era of America's greatest civil upheaval and into the mind of one of it unique characters. It is a time when men and women are forced to decide between state and nation, family and cause, and moral right and wrong.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson emerges from the conflict as one of the great legends in America history. Gaining fame in the Southern Confederacy and throughout the world for his gifted military abilities, he wages a "civil war" within himself to subdue what he knows, if left unbridled, will surely destroy him.

Within the context of historical fiction and making use of abundant research, Halpert draws a picture of a man of deep-rooted faith a war with himself - with a parallel, breathtaking background of a nation at war with itself. It is a time of agonizing national resolution for the country and soaring spiritual resolution for the man.

Published by Breacon Publishing, P.O. Box 82146, Rochester, MI 48308. Tel. (248)-373-6868. E.mail

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