Book Expo 2000  Press Releases, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

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Book Expo Y2000 takes place in Chicago at McCormick Place from June 2-June 4

Book Expo 2000, PRESS RELEASES

Wednesday May 31, 2000

Carleen Franklin

Special 75% discount CLEARANCE of Beautiful and popular motivational book
"Soaring to New Heights on the Wings of Eagles,"  A Treasury of Affirmations and
Quotations for Personal Achievement.  4X5", 103 pages - less expensive than a
greeting card and with a great message of personal growth.  Retail $9.00 -
quantity of 112 (case) $252.00 $2.25 plus shipping.  Email author Carleen
Franklin at call 863-763-0867 or send purchase order
and check to Carleen Franklin, 1631 SE 24 Blvd., Okeechobee, Fl 34974.

Bookstores, distributors and agents, please call: 863-763-0867  or E-mail:

Click here for the web page of Corporate Motivators: Carleen Franklin


Have you heard about
Find out how is impacting the book industry at BookExpo
America, June 2 - 4.  Visit at Booth 5117 for information
about what's new in the book industry, including information about
fascinating books and authors, industry trends, and's
innovative business-to-business and business-to-consumer programs.

As an industry innovator, offers a wide variety of solutions
for retailers, authors and publishers, including:
*   The recently updated Build Your Own Bookstore program, which helps
    independent bookstores create their own full-service Internet
    bookstores without the hassles of designing and maintaining a website
    or fulfilling orders.  The program now offers enhanced customization
    options, like the ability to add special interest titles and content,
    bookshop news and special events, and is available in the United
    States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
*   The Partners in Profit program, which helps small presses, independent
    publishers and self-published authors reach readers on the Internet by
    adding their books to the Internet bookstore database for
*   The Book Browser, a computerized kiosk that allows retailers to offer
    more than 600,000 books to in-store customers without losing valuable
    shelf space.
*   E-book production and consultation.
*   A wide range of audio and video production capabilities.
*   Promotional opportunities for authors and publishers. also provides an in-depth, personal book browsing and buying
experience for consumers through:
*   An interactive, on-line bookstore with more than 600,000 titles to
    choose from.  Titles range from best-sellers and books in the news to
    unique, self-published works that may not be available through
    mainstream retailers.
*   Competitive pricing and free U.S. Postal Service shipping for all
    consumer orders.
*   Entertaining and informative original audio and video Internet
    programming targeted to several age groups, featuring author
    interviews, book reviews, and news about the book business.
*   In-depth features and updates about new books and the book business.
*   LivePerson, a service that allows visitors to engage in a secure,
    real-time, on-line text conversation with a knowledgeable customer
    service representative.
*   Opportunities for consumers to win free autographed copies of
    top-selling titles.

For more information about or to schedule an informational
interview at BEA, please contact Pam Beiler by email at, or by phone at 941.365.5072.

See you at BEA!

Monday May, 29, 2000 (Few Days Before the Chicago Book Expo)

The Independent Perspective -- BEA 2000
Who will be the standard bearers?
As the largest book sellers in the world and the major publishing houses
offer free publication to anyone and then distribute the huge number of
books that result on demand, one book at a time — who will become the
standard bearers?

Independent and University publishers may be the only ones left who have

editorial vision. Will they be the new standard bearers or sink in a
vast sea of virtual and print spam? How will the new technology help
independents? How is it they have survived the multitude of changes that

have taken down the major houses? And a most of the independent
booksellers? These are questions everyone is asking.

Susan Bright, poet/publisher of Plain View Press which has for
twenty-six years published 130 books by poets and fiction writers all
over the US, who has herself authored 17 collections of published (award

winning) poetry will attend BEA not as an exhibitor but as a member of
the press to prepare several television and radio programs for WINGS
(Women’s International News Gathering Service) and to report back to the

more than 200 writers she has published in the last quarter of a
century.  On June 3 & 4 she will join independent publishers and
bookstores who will exhibit books at the (16th Annual)  Printer’s Row
festival in downtown Chicago.  For more information about Printer’s Row
go to : <>

This jalopy-of-a-print-on-demand-machine will have as great an effect on

publishing as the Model T Ford had on transportation at the beginning of

the last century. To discuss the old and the new and its relationship to

the literary independent press, you can reach Susan Bright at
<>. Cell phone between May 30 - June 8  (512-626-4054).
(Work phone/fax -- 512-441-2452) Or come to Printer’s Row on June 3 &
4th, 10 am - 6pm. Plain View Press will be on Polk Street near the
poetry tent, table 65.


Dan Poynte
This will be an exciting year at BEA in Chicago. The book industry is
changing-rapidly. I went through the BEA edition of Publishers Weekly and
made up a list of the ebook and DotCom exhibits and thought you might like a
copy. Here they are with booth numbers, in numerical order.

408 PictureBook
857 Cassiopeia
1137 Learn2com
1237 Sony Disc Manufacturing
1242 PocketAudio
1504 Replica Books. demo
1668 Lonely Planet. Chicago Guide downloads.
3193 Pubnet
3196 NetRead
3275 Free Software Foundation
3290 Glassbook. Free CD.
3297 Lightning Print Demo.
3690 Xerox
3890 Oce Printing Systems
3895 Kinko's CDs
3896 On Demand Machine Co
3931 PMA
4049 BookZone
4049 Audio Pubrs Assn
4173 eBay
4175 Discmakers
4431 HCI. Free copy of Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul.
4716 Adobe Systems
4768 Xlibris
4806 Nuvomedia. RocketBook
5016 Everybook
5022 NetLibrary
5268 Microsoft
5370 Overdrive Systems
5680 Softbook Press

To read more about the revolution in book publishing, see

My two latest books are about book writing and book publishing using the New
Book Model. For information and FREE REVIEW COPIES, see

To read the Publishing Poynters newsletter on the book industry, see

I will be at the Publishers Marketing Association's Publishing University at
the Marriott Downtown May 29-June 1 and the BEA June 2-4. My cell phone
number is 805-448-9009. See you in Chicago.
Para Publishing. Dan Poynter, Author, Publisher, Speaker
Information Products on Book writing/Publishing/Promoting,
Parachutes/Skydiving and Expert Witness.
PO Box 8206, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206 USA : Over 500 pages of helpful information.
Tel: 805-968-7277, Fax: 805-968-1379, Cell: 805-448-9009

Kayla Rolland

There is no doubt that the incidence of child violence is growing.  The tragic killing of little Kayla Rolland by a fellow six-year-old classmate is an unfortunate example, and likely to be repeated unless we all do our share to change the situation.   We in the children’s publishing, entertainment, game, toy industries must take the responsibility to provide Kids with viable alternatives that can "lure" kids away from the types of products which stimulate such violent behavior.  This is why WonderTales was founded this year...because providing kids with those alternatives is exactly what WonderTales does...and you can help us spread the word.

The new WonderTales product line is an exciting and viable alternative to the violent and sedentary entertainment which consumes many of our kids today.

WonderTales is a series of exciting, interactive & NON-VIOLENT audiobooks which actively place the listening-child INTO each adventure as the tale's STAR.  Think of it as the ultimate, "Simon Says," in which character dialog provides the clues which tell the listener how to act out the fast-paced stories.

Come hear for yourself the humorous acting, orchestral motion picture scores, and the thousands of sound effects which bring these adventures to life.  If you missed us at Toy Fair 2000, you can find us June 2nd through June 4th at:

(Children's Books Area)

For more information, simply stop by Booth 143 or contact us at the numbers below and we'll gladly supply you with a complete press kit and demo.  (Plus there's a lot of great information available at our web site.)


15155 Sherman Way, Suite 55
Van Nuys, CA 91405-2019

Phone:  (818) 785-3876
Fax:       (818) 785-5040


Adapt-a-Lap invites you to visit booth # 39 in the Small Press Section at Book Expo America to try the new Adapt-a-Lap Book Holder. We feel that your readers will be interested because this unique invention makes reading easier and more comfortable for readers of all ages especially for those with physical disabilities. The Adapt-a-Lap is the only reading aid that will adapt itself to the reader's body, rather than his or her body having to adjust to it. It can be used while reading in bed, sitting or reclining in a favorite chair or working at a desk. This lightweight reading and writing support is so small that it fits into virtually all briefcases, backpacks and laptop computer bags so users can take it and use it anywhere. With the Adapt-a-Lap you need not use your strength to support your book, so shoulder, arm, neck, and hand strain is completely eliminated. This means reading for longer periods of time at a higher level of concentration in perfect comfort.

Not only is the Adapt-a-Lap the best way to support reading material it is also a portable desk that supports a laptop computer so it can be used in bed, on a plane, or reclining in a chair.
Suggested ideas for articles include:
The Best Book Product at Book Expo America
A New Product for the Book Industry
New Invention Makes Reading More Comfortable
Public Libraries are now loaning more than books. They are loaning ways to use them.
Cuddle up with your book and your Adapt-a-Lap?
A great gift idea any book lover would appreciate
Reading now possible for some People with Disabilities with new invention.
American Ingenuity - Over seventy and still inventing!

We welcome you to come by our booth number SP 39 to try one for yourself. You will see how the Adapt-a-Lap holds your reading material or laptop at exactly the right height, angle and distance most comfortable for you. Discover the most enjoyable way to read, and the most relaxing.
Ed Blum Inventor
A press section is available on our web site at:
This message was sent by Adapt-a-lap, Inc.
(800) 419 - 2354

Richard Webster

Before You Meet Richard Webster at BEA,
There Is Something You Should Know

Saint Paul-If you have a chance to meet Richard Webster at
this years BEA, there is something you should know; he has the peculiar
talent of being able to know things about you just by looking at your hands.
And he's very good at it!

Raised in New Zealand, Richard Webster began reading palms
as a ten-year-old and has traveled the world helping thousands of people
know themselves better by teaching them the ancient art of palmistry, a
legacy that goes back thousands of years and has benefited millions of
people all through the ages.

In fact, as this internationally-known palmist and author
will tell you, the basic principles of this ancient art are just as valid
today as they were when Aristotle wrote a book on the subject for Alexander
the Great 2,600 years ago. By taking up palmistry, you will be joining a
rich, long lasting tradition.

In his upcoming book Palm Reading for Beginners, Richard
gives readers a step-by-step introduction to the subject with life-sized
illustrations of hands and easy-to-follow instructions. With practice, you
will be able to analyze a person's character from the lines on their palms
and enhance your own life by understanding the motivations of others.
Richard has written 16 other books for Llewellyn Publications.

You can meet Richard at the Llewellyn booth #2625 where he
will be reading palms at various times throughout the convention. Or, join
him as he signs his books Palm Reading for Beginners (Sunday from 2:00-2:30
p.m. at the autographing table in booth #2625) and Feng shui para exito y
felicidad (Sunday from 11:00-11:30 am in the Spanish Pavilion).

Palm Reading for Beginners (ISBN: 1-56718-791-9, $9.95 U.S.
264 pp.) is available through Llewellyn Publications, the oldest and leading
publisher of New Age material in North America. For more information, please
contact Jerry Rogers at 1-800-THE-MOON (800-843-6666) ext. 8457.

Jerry Rogers
Llewellyn Publications
P.O. Box 64383
Saint Paul, MN 55164
1-800-The-Moon, ext. 8457

Viz Communications

Viz Communications invites you to visit us at the Book Expo America from
June 2-4 in Chicago, IL.  Viz is the leading U.S. publisher of Japanese
animation and comics (anime and manga) for English-speaking audiences.
Founded in 1987 and based in San Francisco, Viz serves a growing market of
dedicated fans of all ages, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shogakukan,
one of Japan's three largest manga publishers.  From comics to videos,
magazines, books, CDs, and T-shirts, Viz publishes the most popular series
in the world, such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Gundam.

Viz has introduced some of manga's biggest and brightest stars to American
readers including Rumiko Takahashi (the most popular female comics artist in
the world), Hayao Miyazaki (the creator of Princess Mononoke), and Japan's
"god of comics," Osamu Tezuka (creator of Astro Boy).

In 1992 Viz launched Animerica, Anime & Manga Monthly, the English-speaking
anime and manga world's premiere source of information for anime and manga.
Now Viz increasingly attracts younger fans with Pokemon, older fans with
PULP and animation fans with Animerica Extra.

In 1999 Viz's bestselling comic, Pokemon, became America's #1 comic, with 1
million copies sold and 16 printings (a US comics industry record).  In
October, Viz's existing library of over 200 videos became available through
Pioneer to larger audiences.  Viz had products aired on cable (Fatal Fury,
Galaxy Express 999) and broadcast television (Key the Metal Idol, Please
Save My Earth), theatrically released two films (A Chinese Ghost Story,
Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald) and its websites get 1 million pageviews/month

May 2000 is the 10-year anniversary of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma ˝ in the US,
and she will visit the San Diego International Comic Con in July.  In the
same month Viz will also publish the comics and children's books to Pokemon
the Movie 2000, to popular animated series Gundam Wing in August and the
most popular manga in the world, Dragon Ball Z, in a long-awaited graphic
novel format in September.
We look forward to your visit with us at Booths 1864 & 1865 to further
introduce you to our company and products.

Attention booksellers, publishers and news representatives attending
BookExpo America 2000:
On Saturday, June 3, Small Press Distribution (SPD) is sponsoring a panel
This panel will run from 8:00 am-9:30 am, Room #S104 B in the South Hall of
McCormick Place.
Our panelists will address ways of "connecting" independent and
independently-minded presses, stores and authors.  Given the strong mutual
sympathies already present among these three entities, panelists will
suggest some ways all three might join forces.  They will discuss how the
Web might change the possibilities for such cooperation, and they will also
describe the hurdles and challenges these new partnerships might face.

For more information, visit SPD's website at and
click on SPDetails.
The panelists are:
Carl Lennertz (BookSense Consultant,
Mardi Link (Editor-in-Chief, Foreword Magazine)
Julie L. Schaper (Sales & Marketing Director, Consortium Presses)
Jan Weismiller (Poetry Buyer, Prairie Lights Books)
Mary Logue (Former editor at Graywolf & Coffeehouse Press; author of BLOOD
COUNTRY, published last fall by Walker)
Brent Cunningham, panel moderator (Sales & Marketing Manager, Small Press
Questions?  Contact Brent Cunningham at
Book Expo America (BEA), the biggest annual trade show for booksellers in
the U.S., will be held in McCormick Place, Chicago, on June 2-4, 2000.

From the Desk of Tina Jordan, Press Director, Book Expo

As you make your editorial plans for BookExpo America May 31 - June 4th,
please note:
1999 Time Magazine's Person of the Year Jeff Bezos, Founder and Chief
Executive Officer of, will make himself available to take
questions from the press immediately following his speech at BookExpo
America. His presentation, Retailing on the Internet, will be held in the
McCormick Place Convention Center Grand Ballroom (Room S100 B/C) from 3 pm -
4 pm.  He will take questions from the press from 4 pm - 5 pm on the other
side of the Grand Ballroom (Room S100A) immediately thereafter.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Mr. Bezos' appearance at
BookExpo America please contact:
Tina Jordan
BookExpo America
After May 31 at BEA Press Office:  312/791-6752; 312/791-6750
Roger Bilheimer
Roger Bilheimer Associates
Kathy Kinney
Golin Harris Communications
213/623-4200 ext. 755;

Note as a follow up to my earlier email, the Jeff Bezos presentation at BEA
is Thursday, June 1 at Mcormick Place Convention Center's Grand Ballroom
(Room S100A) from 3 pm - 4 pm.  The press Q&A will follow from 4 pm - 5 pm
is immediately following (Room S100 B/C).

Best, Tina Jordan


May 25, 2000                             
For further information contact:    Catherine Coughlin
                                            Strategic Media Alliance
                                            (310) 566-7242


ePublishing Enables Publishers to Sell Directly to Readers
from Their Own Websites
Scottsdale, Ariz. -, the Net's largest publishing community,
today announced a new ePublishing service designed to put electronic books
into readers' hands, while maintaining control over intellectual property.
This service allows publishers to sell their books directly to readers,
reducing costs and prices.

With BookZone's ePublishing system, readers can download and read electronic
books on their own systems, but they cannot redistribute these books
electronically. "People always bring up the fact that users can photocopy
books," said Mary Westheimer, CEO of BookZone, "but there is just no
comparison between laboriously copying each page and sending out hundreds of
attachments by email." As the MP3 free-for-all continues in the music
industry, publishers are especially concerned with maintaining control of
their intellectual property.

The new BookZone turnkey service, which includes payment interface and
reporting software, allows publishers to sell books directly from their own
websites - maintaining full digital rights over the original material. Eager
to stockpile digital material, other companies require publishers to sell the
books from the service provider's sites. "With this new service, publishers
no longer have to turn over control of product sales to an online
bookseller," Westheimer explained. "Also, publishers can benefit from being
in contact with readers who will, of course, be interested in future titles."
This focus on the benefits of direct sales is a hallmark of BookZone, one of
the Net's oldest book sites.
"I chose BookZone for my ePublishing system not only because
is hosted there, but also because they are really web-savvy people who have
helped me to think through the best way to provide the widest access to my
book marketing information. Good people," said John Kremer, a highly
respected book marketing expert and author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

BookZone has teamed with Adobe® Systems - the world's leader in electronic
document distribution - to provide this new service, which uses Adobe PDF
Merchant™ software. "Adobe PDF Merchant and the Acrobat Reader® will give
BookZone customers a secure solution to purchase and view electronic
materials over the  Internet," said Joe Eschbach, vice president, ePaper
Solutions Group, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "BookZone's unique approach to
ePublishing enables an efficient and cost-effective distribution system for

With ePublishing, once a purchase has been made, Adobe PDF Merchant creates
an electronic key, which can be used with Adobe Acrobat Reader software to
unlock and read the material. The document cannot be sold or given away after
the download.
In traditional publishing, it can take a year or more for a manuscript to
become a book, which can then be sold in stores or through online resources.
Now, the new BookZone system allows books to be published much faster and
distributed more cost-effectively - allowing the savings to be passed along
to buyers. Also of benefit to buyers, downloaded documents are searchable and
deliver information instantly; electronic distribution saves resources; books
are highly portable; and, there are cost savings.
Westheimer indicated that what was most interesting is that ePublishing
permits publishers to sell what people really want. "People don't buy books,
they buy information. First, they determine that you have what they want and
only then do they assess how it is packaged. Is it in printed form? An
audiobook? A video? If the delivery method and cost aren't prohibitive,
they'll buy it. That means that they'll also buy a part of a book for more
than the aggregate cost, but less than the entire property. That's good for
everyone involved." This technology lets publishers sell - and readers buy -
one chapter of a book for less than the book itself costs, but for more than
its proportionate share of the whole book. "If all they want is the chapter
on making apple cider, why buy the book on other drinks?"

This perspective has led the company to develop other types of ePublishing
sites for companies, such as R.R. Bowker which, in conjunction with the Audio
Publishers Association, is selling access to listings in their definitive
directory of audiobooks, "Words on Cassette."

Meanwhile, ePublishing has caught the public's imagination. "Electronic books
are selling - as is evidenced by the reception given Steven King's online
publishing debut. As part of our service to publishers, we want to make the
latest technology available at the lowest possible price, and support our
customers in the development of their own businesses," Westheimer added.

BookZone partnered with Adobe Systems because of its PDF file format's wide
acceptance by publishers, as well as business and personal computer users.
Its free availability in both Windows and Macintosh platforms explains why
165 million copies of Adobe Acrobat Reader have already been downloaded,
making the technology comfortable and accessible to a remarkably large number
of users. "With that sort of comfort level and its solid, long-term track
record, Adobe PDF is a perfect format in which to introduce a new aspect of
publishing," observed Westheimer.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, BookZone provides website design, development,
hosting and promotion to 1,300 publishers and publishing-industry
professionals. Established in 1994, the website receives more
than seven million visitors each year. For more information, contact Nelson
Mantle toll-free at (800) 536-6162, in Arizona at (480) 481-9737 or by email
David Hunter Sutherland
My name is David Sutherland and I have a collection of poetry
called Steel Umbrellas scheduled for release by Archer Books
<> in June.
Work of mine has appeared in The American Literary Review, The
Hollins Critic, The Northern Michigan Journal, The Reader (Oxford
University), The Cortland Review and The Midwest Quarterly. Recent
awards include a Pushcart Nomination, and I have a second collection
scheduled to be published by Archer Books / Cadmus Editions this
June. Finally, I serve as managing editor for a not-for-profit
publication called "Recursive Angel".
May 25, 2000
With the BEA just around the corner, I am writing to invite you stop by our
booth (3973), say hello and take a look at the Sutton Publishing's new list. 

Along with our new catalogue, we will be handing out a reader from our lead
title: THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY: 1945-2000 Illusions of Grandeur by G.H.
Other titles in our new catalogue include, GILBERT & SULLIVAN'S CHRISTMAS
edited by John Van der Kiste,  ST. GEORGE: HERO, MARTYR AND MYTH by Samantha
INFORMATION by Andrew Duncan and Michel Opatowski, and HITLER'S HENCHMEN by
renowned German journalist, Guido Knopp.

This has been an exhilarating year for Sutton.  We have more than doubled our
sales and are looking to hire more staff to help promote our books to the
general public.  We are sure Sutton will continue to grow and our books will
gain the widespread readership they deserve.
Sutton's booth can be found at 3973. 
Ellen Simon
Sales and Marketing Manager
Kristen Gustafson
Publicity Manager
703/661-1547 (fax)
Šplan on being in Chicago for BookExpo?

Šever suffered from "Convention-Claustrophobia" - the fear that
convention-goers get when they worry that the only thing they'll see while
visiting an exciting city is the inside of the local convention center and
Like the culturally savvy readers of the Time Out City Guides series (30
titles in all), you're probably seeking more of an authentic city
experience in your limited down-time -- and probably also hope to see more
than the four walls of McCormick Place and O'Hare.

If you open the attached Acrobat document, you'll find a sampling of the
best restaurants, clubs, and shopping in Chicago -- all suggested by the
resident journalists who write the Time Out City Guides.

Print it out, fold it up, circle your favorites, and go out and enjoy
Chicago on us - Time Out City Guides!

And don't forget to stop by Booth #1671 at BookExpo and tell us what you
think of the Triple Martinis at the Mashed Potato Club; they come highly
recommended and we hear that they take the edge off a long convention dayŠ

(These attached picks were taken directly from the brand new Time Out
Chicago City Guide - in bookstores this June!)
Prior to Book Expo America, I would like to quickly introduce you to, the leading marketplace for publishing rights. I have
included for your review two press releases. One details Esther Williams'
Million Dollar Mermaid rights auctions on You can read more
about this in today's Inside Dope on The second covers
on-demand publisher's use of for selling
subsidiary rights.

The press releases will be officially released on May 30th, however we are
releasing the below to select outlets before the show.

I will be at Book Expo from Wednesday through Sunday of next week. I can be
reached at our booth number #4259 or contacted on my cell phone at
917-821-8430 at the show. If you would like to discuss prior
to the show, I can be reached directly at 212-924-9081.
Thank you for your time,
Nick Bogaty


For Immediate Release Signs Auctions New York Times Bestseller

Film and Other Rights to Esther Williams' The Million Dollar Mermaid for
Book Expo, Chicago – May 30, 2000 – Rights to The Million Dollar Mermaid by
Esther Williams went up for auction today on The properties
being auctioned include a range of subsidiary rights from feature film
rights to audio book rights to foreign rights. is the
leading marketplace for publishing rights.

Claire Gerus, agent for The Million Dollar Mermaid and now senior editor at
Kensington Publishing says, " I am delighted that this amazing book—which
sold far beyond S&S’s original expectations—now has an opportunity to enjoy
new life thanks to rightsworld’s online auction process. We look forward to
an exciting experience in this new medium for worldwide sales.”
"We are delighted to have such a high-caliber work sold on,"
says Nick Bogaty, President at "From New York Times
bestsellers to titles for the smallest audiences, makes
rights trading easier and less expensive for publishers, agents, and
In addition to The Million Dollar Mermaid, features several
auctions with and Columbia University Press. Buyers worldwide
have opened accounts on to purchase properties.

About is the most efficient, easiest to use rights marketplace
where publishers, agents, scouts and authors can actually close rights deals
online. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in
Austin, Texas and Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 1999 and
is privately held. Sees the Future of Rights Trading

New York, NY – May 30, 2000 – today launched several auctions
at the publishing rights marketplace The properties being
auctioned include a wide range of subsidiary rights from foreign to eBook to
Internet rights. is the leading marketplace for publishing
rights. Publisher Kenzi Sugihara said, "we needed an easy to use and
efficient way to sell the subsidiary rights to our properties.'s system for selling rights makes good sense for us. and our authors are excited over the revenue potential that
these auctions can bring."

"We're thrilled that is using for their
subsidiary rights efforts," said Eric Miller, CEO at "From
independent publishers like Columbia University Press to emerging leaders in
new publishing technologies like, the diversity of people
using is amazing."

Among other titles, is selling several foreign and electronic
rights to Animal Wisdom. Animal Wisdom tells the stories of author Anita
Curtis' experiences as an animal communicator. is also selling
several foreign rights to Life Lessons for My Black Girls by Natasha Munson,
one of's flagship authors.
About is the most efficient, easiest to use rights marketplace
where publishers, agents, scouts and authors can actually close rights deals
online. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in
Austin, Texas and Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 1999 and
is privately held.

Liz Carroll Performance

Celtic Music Label Green Linnet Records Makes
Bookexpo Debut with Live Booth Performance

Hear Chicago’s Irish fiddle champion LIZ CARROLL
Saturday, June 3, 1:00-1:30pm
Booth 1261

Internationally renowned Celtic music label GREEN LINNET RECORDS makes our first appearance at BookExpo this year. Our 25 year old label has a catalog of 350 titles, including the finest in Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Galicia and America.  Our roster includes such artists as Altan, Joanie Madden, Martin Hayes, Lúnasa, Eileen Ivers of Riverdance fame, and Capercaillie. Our beautifully packaged, award-winning frontline CDs, along with our acclaimed budget-priced Celtophile compilation series, make excellent additions to or cornerstones for music sections at book, gift and record stores.  Come by our booth to hear samples and learn more about our spectacular product line.

Liz Carroll Performance

 At the age of 18, Chicago teenager Liz Carroll astounded the Celtic music world by becoming the All Ireland Fiddle Champion. Liz has been amazing audiences around the globe ever since.  Her recordings and appearances both live and on television and radio have established Liz as one of traditional music’s most sought-after performers.  In 1994, First Lady Hillary Clinton presented Liz with the National Endowment of the Arts "National Heritage Fellowship Award" for her contribution to Irish Music in America.  Liz’s new Green Linnet CD, “Lost in the Loop,” cements her place among the finest traditional players and composers of all time.   Come hear this dazzling performer live at the Green Linnet booth! Contact:  Jon Maslansky
203.730.0333 x11


Mary Westheimer, BookZone
  We here at BookZone are taking a moment to introduce ourselves
and the *free* services we offer for you. You will only receive this
notice once.

The largest book publishers' community on the Internet, BookZone
focuses especially on the independent presses that many see as
the most thriving part of our industry. Since 1994, we have served
more than 3,300 publishers as well as many of the organizations
that serve them, including the 3,400-member Publishers Marketing
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       * BookZone Pro, an area with free articles a job bank,
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       * Literary Leaps, one of the Web's largest searchable
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One of our most valuable *free* services is

       * BookFlash, a service that informs you about new titles
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Like 5,300 other people interested in publishing news, you can
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Thanks so much, Mary Westheimer, CEO
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           Web site development, hosting & promotion -
        800-536-6162 / 480-481-9737 / fax: 480-481-0103


From the Desk of Ms. Tina Jordan: Press Director Book Expo

BookExpo America, the largest book publishing trade exhibition in North
America, has enlisted the support of industry representatives from the Latin
American and Spanish speaking book publishing world at its 2000 event
scheduled for May 31 - June 4, 2000 at Chicago's McCormick Place Complex in
Chicago, IL.  A Spanish Language Pavilion will be held at the BEA 2000
Convention and will highlight Spanish Language titles and provide
Latin-specific special events and educational programs.
ENCANTO Bilingual Romances is proud to be participating in this very special
ENCANTO Bilingual Romances reflect the lifestyles, attitudes and cultural
richness of the various Latino communities in the United States.  The novels
are released in both English and Spanish versions.  The stories are written
by, for and about Latina women living in the United States.  Encanto means
"a delight" and whether you are a Latina or non-Latina, you will surely
enjoy the sensuous tales spun by the new Encanto authors.

Meet two of the Encanto Authors at the Spanish Language Pavilion:

Sylvia Mendoza will be signing copies of Al rojo vivo and Serenata,
10 - 11 AM, Sunday June 4, at table #2.

Caridad Scordato will be signing copies of Para siempre and Tengo fe
en ti from 11 - 12 AM, Sunday, June 4, at table #2.

Also drop by the Kensington Publishing booth for additional information and
to see other releases by the leading American publisher of romance novels.
(Booth # 4331).
For additional information on ENCANTO Bilingual Romances, please contact
Diane Stockwell, Kensington Publishing Corp., (212) 407-1581 or visit

For additional information on the Spanish Language Pavilion, please contact
Ms. Tina Jordan at
(203) 840-5384.
For additional information on the authors, please visit


Electronic Book Publishing

Learn more about the future of ePublishing from the experts at BEA. You're
invited to attend a series of panel discussions sponsored by netLibrary
that will explore new avenues in electronic publishing.

"Electronic Books and the Digital Library: Perspectives for Publishers"
Saturday, June 3
12 to 1 p.m.
McCormick Place Hyatt

Offering both library and vendor perspectives, this program will examine
the changing library market and explore the impact that eBooks will have on
publishers and book distribution. Seating is limited, so R.S.V.P. by May 29
to Cosponsored by netLibrary and Blackwell's Book
"eBooks -- What Have We Learned and Where Are We Going?"
Friday, June 2
2 to 3 p.m.
McCormick Place, Meeting Room 105D.

Find out which ePublishing models are working, what consumers think about
eBooks and where the future of this new avenue in publishing is headed.
This panel discussion is sponsored by netLibrary and will include top
thinkers from Microsoft, NuvoMedia, netLibrary, and

For more information, send e-mail to Or call
800-413-4557 and ask for your netLibrary publisher relations
representative.   And don't forget to visit netLibrary at Booth #5022.   

BookExpo America 2000, will see the debut of an array of e-books that truly
can be held in your hand.  Billed as "The Bookseller's E-book" the virtual CD
books from PageFree Publishing's, Books OnScreen are expected to captivate
the e-book enthusiasts, perhaps even sway a few paper-gripping
With full color graphics, illustration, music, animation and more, Books
OnScreen gives a reader the very best that technology has to offer.  Their
signature interface set in the .pdf format allows single key navigation, with
text search and type enlargement up to 600%, ideal for readers with visual or
motor limitations.
Books OnScreen not only brings the finest literary work, the optimal visual
interface, but they also offer the best value.  Their books include the
enhanced .pdf version, as well as .rtf, .html and .rb formats for handheld
PageFree Publishing has enjoyed media attention from Fox News Network's,
O'Reilly Factor, The Edge with Paula Zahn, Talk Radio Network's, Ron Engelman
Show, scores of regional talk radio stations, the New York Times, St. Louis
Post-Dispatch, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, not to mention Publisher's Weekly.

Gary and Kim Blagg, owners of PageFree, will be on hand at the upcoming
BookExpo America 2000 in Chicago's McCormick Place, at booth SP38
(  They will be demonstrating selections from the
one hundred-fifty titles currently in their lineup, and invite you to join

For advance information or interviews, please contact Kim Blagg at or by phone at 1-800-272-3130 PIN # 00 or
616-692-3386.  Feel free to request their very unique "electronic business
Robin Cantrell
V.P. Marketing
PageFree Publishing, Inc.


Lidia LoPinto
The authors of The Case of the Toxic Cruiseline invite you to a  press conference at Book Expo America, June 3rd at 2:00 p.m. at the press room.  They are also available throughout the show at booth SP-15.

The EnviroCrime series of novels focus on environmental crime.  The first of the series deals with nuclear eco-terrorism and ocean dumping.  You can get additional information by returning an email to   

Please let us know if you can attend. 
Lidia LoPinto
For additional information contact (914)963-3695 or visit our website at

May 11, 2000

Martha M. Bullen

Staying Home with Kids a National Trend ( Book featured in the May 14th issue of the USA Weekend issue)
Staying home has become a major national trend as working parents strive for
a more balanced life.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women
average 11.5 years out of the paid labor force, primarily because of their
caregiving responsibilities.
Based on surveys of 300 women across the country, Staying Home: From
Full-time Professional to Full-time Parent by Darcie Sanders and Martha M.
Bullen (Spencer & Waters, trade paperback, $12.95, 0-9670359-0-2) covers
at-home mothers' greatest concerns, including
• the 11 most important issues to consider when making your decision
• adjusting to changing relationships with your partner, family and friends
• coping with isolation
• building your new self-image
• home-based and flexible work options
Parenting Magazine raved: "By combining practical information with soothing
wisdom, the authors help career women navigate the sometimes rocky road to
full-time motherhood." And Publishers Weekly  called Staying Home "a must for
all mothers who are or want to be at home with their children."
Visit for more information on this and other
titles by Darcie Sanders and Martha M. Bullen, or e-mail   St
aying Home is also available through Ingram, Partners/West and booksellers.

May 10, 2000

Debbie Thurman

Cedar House Publishers   (804) 929-8002
Contact/Review Copies:  Debbie Thurman

            Every Family Destined To Be Afflicted With Depression!
                        ...or so current trends tell us

An age where sacred and secular continually clash and where time-honored
institutions no longer appear relevant has dawned, bringing alienation and
despair on a grand scale that translate into debilitating depression. One
answer? From Depression To Wholeness: The Anatomy of Healing (March 2000/224 pages/ISBN: 0-9676289-0-3) by Debbie Thurman. Answering ‘90s self-help
rhetoric, Thurman’s meaty yet compassionate book tackles thorny, contemporary
issues while speaking volumes of comfort to the suffering soul. “We are
perpetuating our own Age of Melancholy,” says the author. “Depression feeds
on itself.” Offering fresh insights into depressive illnesses (post-recovery
issues; science vs. theology; new therapy/medication options), the book
resonates with counselors and patients _________________________________________________________

Cathy Holt

The Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and
by Cathy Holt
Talking Birds Press, P.O. Box 13073, Berkeley, CA 94712
Publication date: Sept. 1, 2000
ISBN: 0-9677777-0-4, LCCN: 00-90173
224 pages, $14.95
Cultivating and deepening our relationships with our inner selves, our
bodies, other people, and the whole Earth family can re-weave the web of
connection that supports vibrant health. Filled with inspirational
stories, intriguing exercises, and wisdom from many traditions, this book
will assist you to:- use your imagination and your breath to promote
healing- access the deep wisdom of your inner self- develop communication
skills and create supportive community- shift perceptions, habits, and
judgmental patterns- let nature teach and heal you- create your own
healing rituals.Thanks in advance!
Cathy HoltTalking Birds Press  P.O. Box 13073  Berkeley, CA 94712The
Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and
Naturecathyholt@juno.comPhone & fax: (510) 835-2765
Saturday May 6, 2000

Rick Kamen

Self-Published Authors,
Selling books from your website earns you many times the profit of
selling those same books through bookstores.
Why would a reader want to buy directly from you? One reason is that
you'll  AUTOGRAPH IT! Make sure you offer that option on your website.
If you offer autographed books from your website, AutographedByAuthor can
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AutographedByAuthor attracts readers who appreciate autographed books to
our site
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Make yours one of the first 300 titles to register for
AutographedByAuthor and it will be FREE!
Read more about this easy, risk-free sales program for authors at
I hope to hear from you soon,
Rick Kamen
Personally autographed books directly from authors.
Extra value at no extra cost.

Friday May 5, 2000

Carleen Franklin

Special 75% discount CLEARANCE of Beautiful and popular motivational book
"Soaring to New Heights on the Wings of Eagles,"  A Treasury of Affirmations and
Quotations for Personal Achievement.  4X5", 103 pages - less expensive than a
greeting card and with a great message of personal growth.  Retail $9.00 -
quantity of 112 (case) $252.00 $2.25 plus shipping.  Email author Carleen
Franklin at call 863-763-0867 or send purchase order
and check to Carleen Franklin, 1631 SE 24 Blvd., Okeechobee, Fl 34974

Click here for the web page of Corporate Motivators: Carleen Franklin


Edwin T. Witt, MD.

Book which teaches lesson about the prevention of early teenage sex experience and  survival despite the odds

Edwin T. Witt, MD. author of Witt's End: the autobiography of an African American physician living in Birmingham Alabama during the Great Depression.

For African Americans, living in Birmingham Alabama during the Great Depression was a time of segregation and struggle to survive little changes from the Civil War. In addition to the racial and economic climate of the day, Edwin Witt was born into  a world of bootlegging and illegal gambling during Prohibition. The young Witt witnesses several incidents of supreme tragedy, including the unpunished murder of his mother at the hands of his alcoholic father and the death of his grandmother of pneumonia, before he resolves to change his fate by becoming a physician. Overcoming the systemic prejudice rampant in Alabama's social and educational institutions, Witt works hard to achieve his dream of becoming a respected physician in a culture rife with the racism of the 19th century. Dr. Witt's Web Page

May 5, 2000

Linda Dominique Grosvenor

"A very potent and telling story with real life characters who keep you sitting on edge-as they tackle complicated situations, true to life human feelings and emotions. Absolutely Awesome!"   -Franklin White
Like Boogie On Tuesday by Linda Dominique Grosvenor
ISBN: 0-970-01021-4
$14.95 paperback
This is the highly awaited 2nd novel by the author of Sometimes I Cry!
You can stand in line and wait for your copy... you can pray your local bookstore has copies in stock or you can PRE-ORDER NOW!
Benefits of pre-ordering:
* buy 4 get 1 FREE!
* once everyone is talking about it, you're already in the mix!
* when your local bookstore is out you don't have to wait for them to special order it!
*no cashiers or long lines!
*everone will smile at you on your way to work trying to peek at the title and you can grin because you're the first on your block with it!
Only $14.95 plus $4 s/h to:
Ardor Books
P.O.Box 2443
Durham NC 27715
[Make check payable to Ardor Books]
Print the form and pre-order Now!
Need to read a sample chapter?
Visit the offical Like Boogie On Tuesday website at:
Pls fwd to your book club and avid reading friends.
Access the world's best search engines instantly at...


April 26, 2000
Here's our latest information about the African American Booksellers Conference at BEA
Please remind everyone to register for BEA before May 5 to save $$. 
$50.00 for ABA Bookstore members before May 5 or $100.00 after May 5

$100.00 for non-members before May 5
$135.00  standard registration fee after May 5

African American Booksellers Conference (AABC)
BookExpo America and American Booksellers Convention
McCormick Place  / Chicago Convention Center 
Thursday, June 1, 2000 

OPENING SESSION         Room 502 A / B               
11:30 am    Welcome              Clara Villarosa, formerly of The Hue-Man      
12:45 pm                 Experience Bookstore, Denver, CO
Luncheon Speaker            Andrea Davis Pinkney, executive editor of           
        Jump at the Sun / writer
Luncheon sponsored by       Hyperion Books for Children

1:00 pm             Rubin "Hurricane" Carter  and
                    James S. Hirsch  Hurricane: The Miraculous of                
    Journey of Rubin Carter (Houghton Mifflin)

WORKSHOPS            Room 503 A / B  
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm           Financial Accounting for a Business with Low Equity

3:45 pm - 5:15 pm           Marketing in Challenging Times

RECEPTION                Sponsored by Ingram Book Co. - Room 402 A/B
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm           (Showcasing 10 authors)  

Friday, June 2, 2000        African Amer Roundtable - Latifah Chinnery-Nadir
1:00 - 2:00 pm      facilitator,  Education Station, St. Thomas, USVI
                e-mail:  -    Room _____      

6:00 pm     Jesse B. Brown, author of Investing in the Dream     and
            President / CEO of Krystal Investment Management                 
hosts Chicago's Salute to the Black Book Store
        House of Peace Bookcenter  - 11500 S. Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL
    Transportation to the event will provided from BookExpo at McCormick
Saturday, June 3, 2000  Blackboard African American Bestsellers Reception
7:00 pm         Congress Plaza Hotel - 520 S Michigan Ave  - Chicago
Sunday, June 4, 2000    Blackboard  Awards will be presented at the Sunday
8:00 - 9:30 am          Books and Author Breakfast  - Fee:  $22.00
                Eric Jerome Dickey - Cheaters - Fiction
                Iyanla Vanzant - One Day My Soul Just Opened Up                  
Christopher Paul Curtis - Bud, Not Buddy - Children's
                Carl Weber - African American  Bookstore - Bookseller

Autographings throughout BEA in the Blackboard booth, publishers' booths, and
in  BEA's traditional author autographing area.  See on-site events program
for details.
For the very latest information on BEA visit


Roger Bilheimer, Roger Bilheimer Associates, (908) 233-4107 or

Tina Jordan, BookExpo America, (203) 840-5384



-- Hispanic Hero Sammy Sosa Kicks Off Convention Festivities --

Authors, Titles and Seminars Highlight Latin Special Events

April 17, 2000, Norwalk, CT: BookExpo America (BEA), North America’s largest book publishing trade exhibition, has announced a series of initiatives that will extend the annual convention’s reach beyond its traditional English language boundaries to include many facets of the Spanish speaking community.

The initiatives are part of an on-going effort by convention officials to better serve international attendees at BEA. Among the many highlights of this year’s celebration of the Hispanic community will be the Opening Night Reception, sponsored by Warner Books, and featuring the Dominican Republic’s

baseball hero, Sammy Sosa (SOSA: An Autobiography / Warner Books). Mr. Sosa will speak to attendees at this all-convention event on Thursday, June 1 at 5:30pm. In addition, a special Spanish Language Pavilion on the exhibit floor will be home to a number of Latin American/Spanish Language publishing collectives offering Spanish language titles. Latin American and Latino authors will be featured throughout the convention and a total of 14 educational sessions will address Spanish book community concerns. This year’s BEA will be held June 1 - June 4 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center.

"We have worked hard to broaden our international scope over the past few years," notes Courtney Muller, Show Manager and Industry Vice President for BEA. "Our focus this year on Spanish culture is a natural evolution of this concern, especially since the Hispanic market has become so large and so critical to retailers both inside and outside the book industry. Obviously, the Spanish community’s proximity to the U.S. is also a factor. We would like to embrace both ‘Americas’ -- North and South -- at BookExpo America." Details about the Spanish Language initiatives at BEA include:

Spanish Language Pavilion

A prominent section of the convention floor (5,000 sq. ft.), clearly marked with banners and other signage, will be dedicated exclusively to the Spanish language community. Mexico, Argentina, Spain and other countries producing Spanish language titles will have country collectives in the Spanish Language Pavilion which include dozens of publishers from their respective countries.

Other U.S. and international exhibitors will also be displaying on their own and those include: Santillana Publishing, Llewellyn, CD Stampley, Panorama Editorial, Celesa, Planeta and many others.

A special highlight of the pavilion will be a series of Author Signings to take place on Sunday, June 4th. Latino and Latin American authors will appear in exhibitor booths and in the traditional autographing area. Authors already scheduled to autograph include: Ana Castillo, Silvia Molina, Richard Webster, and Sylvia Mendoza, among others.

Education Program

The Latino Book Summit will be making it’s third appearance at BEA on Thursday, June 1st featuring a full day of education on topics including: A Profile of Latinos in the U.S., What’s New in Book Publishing in Latin America and Spain?, What’s New in Book Publishing for Latinos in the U.S., Marketing to the U.S. Latino Community, and How Can Publishers Work More Closely with Distributors and Bookstores. There will also be several round table discussions and a special feature of the day will be the Latino Literary Hall of Fame Luncheon.

The Cervantes Institute -- a Madrid-based public institution founded by the Spanish Government in 1991 to promote Spanish language teaching and culture -- will also be featuring four round table discussions including: Spanish as a Language for Thought, Children’s Literature in Spanish, The Facsimile and the Book Art in Spanish and Contemporary Spanish Narrative.

Other BEA sponsored educational sessions include: Selling Spanish Language Titles in the U.S. (topics will include an overview of the market, product development and selection, the challenges of distribution and strategies for effective trade and consumer marketing); and Marketing and Selling Books to the Latino-American Market (topics include how to create content, programs and promotional materials that speak to the Latino-American experience).

Other Spanish Language Features

Spanish Mexican novelist Silvia Molina, recent winner of the 1999 Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Prize for fiction, will be a featured speaker at this year’s BEA Annual Literary Luncheon on Sunday, June 4, with an autographing and reading at the Curbstone Press booth immediately following. The Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Prize is open to women writers who have published a novel in Spanish since 1995.

The Spanish Language Market

The 1999 National Hispanic Readership Study, organized by Western Publication Research recently studied the reading habits of Latinos by surveying readers of 81 Hispanic publications in 44 markets nationwide. The study found that 56% of Latinos prefer to read only Spanish language titles, versus 10% who prefer to read English. The study also noted that 88% read Spanish "very well" or "well" and that 50% of Latinos do not read an English language newspaper. In particular, the study found that purchases of Spanish books increased by 11%, primarily due to the increased availability of Spanish books.

The general buying power of Latinos across all markets has also risen. According to The Economist, the buying power of Latinos has risen 65% to a total of $348 billion, a sum greater than the entire gross national product of Mexico. Faith in this buying power is indicated by Borders Books and Music which just opened a store in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 2, 2000. The bilingual store has been so successful that Borders has announced plans to use the same bilingual model for a new store in Kendall, FL, slated to open in October, 2000.

Reed Exhibition Companies (REC) is a world leader in creating high profile, targeted industry events where buyers and suppliers come together to do business. Every year REC events bring together some 100,000 suppliers and over 5.5 million buyers from around the world. Today, REC events are held in 27 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific, and are organized by 24 full staffed offices. REC’s portfolio of over 350 events serves 45 industries in 11 key sectors.

BookExpo America is one of four other Reed events in the REC Global Book Publishing Network. These include the Asia International Book Fair, London International Book Fair, Salon du Livre: Paris Book Fair, and the Tokyo International Book Fair. As a member of the Reed Elsevier plc group, a world-leading business and information provider, REC offers integrated market access programs covering exhibitions, trade publications, direct marketing and the Internet. For more information concerning BookExpo America, please call 800/840-5614 or 203/840-5614 (international) or visit the BEA Web Site at http:/

Roger Bilheimer, Roger Bilheimer Associates

(908) 233-4107 or

Tina Jordan, BookExpo America, (203) 840-5384



-- Technology Provides Theme at Annual Convention as Exhibitors Reveal Latest Innovations and Educational Seminars Focus on Recent Developments --

Norwalk, CT, May 1, ‘00: BookExpo America (BEA), North America’s largest annual book convention for booksellers and other book industry professionals, will showcase the very latest in how the written word will be delivered to consumers at this year’s annual exhibit at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center, June 2 - 4, 2000. Digital technology is altering the way the book business is conducted as new companies developing everything from handheld e-books to providing e-publishing services via the Internet seek their own ground on this changing landscape. The convention itself will mirror the extraordinary change that has occurred in the book industry; an industry where a consumer or would-be writer can satisfy their individual needs simply by "logging on" or a U.S. publisher can sell the Malaysian rights to a new title in twenty-four hours without ever picking up the phone or sending a manuscript.

The new technology on display at BEA may be separated into three broad categories which include: digital intermediaries & service providers; software developers; and e-publishers. There will be an expanded education program to reflect each of these three categories, and the exhibit floor will be home to not just publishers but also to major technology companies in each of the categories, including Microsoft, Nuvomedia, eBay, Xlibris, and, among many others. Other events and features that will showcase technology include a speech open to all convention attendees by Jeff Bezos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of on Thursday, June 1 at 4:00pm in the Grand Ballroom.

"The book industry is being profoundly affected by developments in technology," notes Courtney Muller, Show Manager and Industry Vice President for BookExpo America. "BEA offers a tremendous opportunity for people from every segment of the industry to come together to examine these changes, exchange ideas, and take a moment to think about where we are heading in the future. It’s a very exciting time and we want our convention to convey this excitement and to reflect the promise of innovative change."

Highlights of the educational program that examine subject areas from the three technology categories embraced by BEA include: ePublishing Today: The Mainstreaming of Digital Distribution and Its Hierarchical Impact (Thursday, June 1, 10am - l1:30am), which addresses key issues of how the ePublishing business will be configured, who will dominate it, and what these changes mean for traditional publishing; Retailing eBooks and Books-on-Demand (Thursday, June 1, 12:30pm - 2pm), which examines the channels, outlets and readers consumers will choose now that so many titles are forever to be in-print; Digital Rights Management (Thursday, June 1, 1pm - 3pm), which explores how DRM solutions are key in allowing publishers to take full advantage of the true potential of e-Commerce; The Impact of Digital Printing on the Ecology of Publishing (Thursday, June 1, 2:30pm - 4pm), which looks at the way publishing, digital printing equipment, traditional book manufacturing, print-on-demand, and production and distribution interact; Libraries: In Search of a Digital Lending Model (Saturday, June 3, 8am - 9:30am), which explores how the DRM platform will affect the traditional model of a lending library.

"We are experiencing a revolution in publishing and bookselling and we still don’t know how the dust will settle, who will be the winners, or who will be the losers. It is at a moment of transition such as this that an educational meeting -- and the face to face discusssion that comes with it -- is critical to managing our expectations for the future," notes Mark Dressler, President of the Crystal River Publishing Group, who has been retained by BEA to direct the convention’s educational program. Mr. Dressler has played a pivotal role in helping to develop the focus on technology that will be a part of this year’s environment at BEA. Dressler will also be leading the media on a tour of technology exhibitors at BEA in order to single out some of the highlights on display.

BEA has also set aside a special area of the convention floor that will house publisher services exhibitors that will show the latest in their print technology. Meanwhile, over 40 other technology companies, from software developers to Internet service providers, will be scattered in various locations on the convention floor. These exhibitors, in addition to those listed above, include: Adobe System,, Glassbook,,, Softbook Press, and Xerox, among others. "The addition of these exhibitors, many of whom have hands on, interactive exhibitor booths, adds another level to what BEA offers its attendees," concludes Muller.

"We’re not only learning about all the publishers’ new books and looking ahead to next season’s exciting list of bestsellers, but we’re also learning about how we’re going to be reading those books, and in what form they’re going to be delivered to us."

Reed Exhibition Companies (REC) is a world leader in creating high profile, targeted industry events where buyers and suppliers come together to do business. Every year REC events bring together some 100,000 suppliers and over 5.5 million buyers from around the world. Today, REC events are held in 27 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific, and are organized by 24 full staffed offices. REC’s portfolio of over 350 events serves 45 industries in 11 key sectors.

 BookExpo America is one of four other Reed events in the REC Global Book Publishing Network. These include the Asia International Book Fair, London International Book Fair, Salon du Livre: Paris Book Fair, and the Tokyo International Book Fair. As a member of the Reed Elsevier plc group, a world-leading business and information provider, REC offers integrated market access programs covering exhibitions, trade publications, direct marketing and the Internet. For more information concerning BookExpo America, please call 800/840-5614 or 203/840-5614 (international) or visit the BEA Web Site at http:/

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