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"Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein made errors!" says Henry H. Gwillim the author of SECRETS Of Gravity And Motion.

"Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were were geniuses," says Henry H. Gwillim the author of SECRETS Of Gravity And Motion

"Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were geniuses in all respects" but they both failed to give the basic Cause of Gravity.  This Book present a new theory as to the cause of gravity.  It's all in the book, "Secrets of Gravity and Motion."  by Henry H. Gwillim

"IF THINGS ARE PULLING YOU DOWN, MAYBE THESE ARE THE REASON WHY GRAVITY," really shouldn't be kept a secret.   So, here are some theories.

First theory:  WHY WE WEIGH MORE AT ONE TIME OF THE DAY THAT ANOTHER.(Besides eating, etc.) The Earth's Gravity ("G") force is downward toward it's center. When the Moon's upward "G" force hits the Earth, it subtracts from the Earth's downward "G" force.  On the other side of the Earth, the Moon & Earth's "G" forces add together, downward.

The Earth's gravity generates the main downward weight of a person. When the Moon is above a person it's upward Gravity will give you a slight lift. This will cause a slight decrease in a person's weight because the Moon's "G" force is up, and the Earth "G" force is down.  When the Moon's Gravity force passes through the Earth and intersect a person, it causes a slight INCREASE in his weight. This is because both "G" forces are downward. The Sun also has "G" force action.  The Moon/Sun "G" forces add/subtract from each other, depending on their direction and relative positions.


    Another theory: WHY DO WE HAVE SMOG AND POLLUTANTS IN THE ATMOSPHERE, MOSTLY IN THE DAY TIME?  A similar thing applies to the atmosphere as to your weight above.  We have light air in the day and heavy air at night.  Mostly because of the Sun's heat rays but also on the "G" relationship of the Sun/Moon.    The Sun heat rays and "G" cause pollutants to rise in the daytime.    The Earth's "G" settles pollutants downward at night.  The GOVERNMENT is always wanting to stop pollution to clear up the air.  (Or they take federal money away).  Why don't large cities force the night air into cleansing towers with large fans and wash the pollution particles away with water spray.  (The same as rain) If you don't clean the air at night, the next morning the Sun's Heat Rays and it's "G" Rays will cause the old (settled) pulled down pollution plus the new day's pollution particles to rise up into the air again.  The Moon's Gravity will affect pollution too, depending on it's relative location, day, between or night.

    The author reviews old theories in his BOOK. He give an interesting approach as to the cause of Gravity, centrifugal force, inertia, magnetic action, earth's motion, tides, gulf stream, jet stream, lighting and the earth's magnetic poles.    This will help people re-evaluate old theories.

    Gwillim Publishing Co. 12202 S. Potomac St., Phoenix, Arizona   85044-2232

    ISBN: 0-9653134-0-9 124 pages, $4.87, plus postage. $1.13 U.S. book rate=$6


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The book takes an interesting approach on the theory of gravity and will be a great asset to college students, and especially, graduate students in physics, helping them re-evaluate the principles of the old theories of gravity - - -  OUTCRY Magazine

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