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Health Care Issues

Artist.htm The Psychology of the Artist - How human immune system plays a major role in keeping us healthy.

ChronicFatigue.htm Chronic fatigue and Immune Dysfunction in the book: Beyond the Dark Cloud.

FreeMercury.htm Dr. James Hardy's outcry about the serious dangers of mercury in dental fillings.

Codependent'sHealing.htm A Leaf Falls: A Bud Blossoms -- One Codependent's Journey to Heal the Wounded Soul.

Religion and Spirituality

DivineLight.htm Divine Light Eternal Life -- An incredible story of immortality, healing, and heaven with joyous expectation to the heart.

Maitreya.htm Maitreya's Mission # III -- presents a compelling and detailed vision of the future of the "brilliant new civilization" ahead.

Miracles.htm Foundation for "A Course in Miracles."

Money & Business

HumanPredators.htm People Who Prey - Human Predators -- written to warn people about scam artists.

FundRaising.htm Fund Raising & Marketing in the One-Person Shop.

FinanciallyIndependent.htm How To Become Financially Independent.

GuiltbyAssociation.htm A Survival Guide for Homeowners, Board Members, and Property Managers.

Social & Political Issues

MoneyTalks.htm Money Talks, O.J. Walks -- The real story behind O.J. Simpson's case.


BufordPusser.htm The Twelfth of August: The Authorized Biography of Walking Tall: Sheriff Buford Pusser.

Sculptors.htm The Sculptors O'Connor: A historical profile of two sculptors -- Andrew (Jr. & Sr.) O'Connors.

Women's Issues

DrJohnson.htm Walk The Rainbow: When you get tired of waiting to exhale.

FemaleRituals.htm Sisters of the Thirteen Moons -- Rituals of Celebrating Women's Lives.

Poem & Poetry

PerfectHarmony.htm Perfect Harmony is a book for young readers about family and the world around them.

Moments.htm  Moments in Time: Poems Praising God, Love, Nature and Spirituality.


Children'sBooks.htm Dr. Nim and the Strange Quest;

Digger Gets Help; The Night of the Willies.

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