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How To Become Financially Independent: Your road to financial security in an unstable economic environment by Joseph Peter Simini (published by Bottom Line Pre$$, 128 pages, $14.97).

The book is written to show that anybody can be wealthy by following some simple procedures. He discuses various aspects of building financial security, such as investing money and using tax shelter and real estate investments.

Joseph Simini has written a very convincing book to educate many of us on how to let our money work for us while we continue with our professions or private businesses.

Since financial problems have hit most families at some point, and couples are sometimes fighting about money, How to Become Financially Independent is the financial textbook every family must have.

Many hardworking people are poor because they don't know how to invest part of their earnings. Many of us in the working class are used to spending all of our paychecks as if it is a curse. This book will give people information on using part of their earned money in investments that will eventually make them financially independent.

The book is written by a professional in many disciplines. He is an accountant, a college professor and a real estate broker. Therefore, it is not by accident that he learned more about the financial world than many of us. (For radio or TV appearances: Fax Joseph Simini at (415)-282-2102).