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Walk the Rainbow: When you get tired of waiting to exhale by Dr. Christine Johnson (published by Sido-Mari Publishing, Huntington Beach, 147 pages, $12.95).

Dr. Johnson wrote this book to educate people, particularly women, how to walk the pathway of life to help them live life to the fullest, bringing them personal fulfillment. She advices women not to wait around for somebody or for permission to attain their personal goals in life. She gives guidelines and direction on how to achieve those goals and stop doing things that are keeping them from their personal objectives..

Shakespeare says, "A man can be a master of his own destiny." Dr. Johnson says, "A woman, too, can be the director and creator of her destiny." The author wants people to know that like the old saying nothing in this life happens by chance; everybody must take responsibility for his/her goals, self-actualization, and for the most part, personal happiness. She is telling women to not only live to help others, but to not spend the rest of their lives making other people happy, while the women themselves become reclusive and passively depressed people due to lack of self-actualization.

Walk The Rainbow is a powerful tool to help women stop waiting to exhale when they can learn to search and attain personal happiness. (Press Agent: Traci L. Wilson-Kleekamp; (562)-433-7228)