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Beyond the Dark Cloud by Thea Schlosser (published by Media Awareness Association Press, Santa Barbara, 204 pages, $19.95.)

Beyond the dark Cloud: Road to Recovery from Chronic Fatigue and Immune System Dysfunction is the story of a woman's successful twenty-five year battle with a very debilitating disease. It started from the time she grew up in Germany during the World War II. She discusses her hardship, deprivation and fear while she was young, and the suicides of both her parents.

Thea Schlosser discusses the onset of her disease after she had infectious mononucleosis. She was mis-diagnosed as having psychiatric disorder for many years, and the disease caused her to lose her lucrative private business. For years she was hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals and given many electro-convulsive shock therapy treatments. Later, she was able to help the doctors correctly diagnose her illness as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction, which led her to a road of recovery.

Although the exact cause of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction is not clearly defined, clinical evidence implicates a pre-existing immune disorder that makes the patient susceptible to numerous infections. Inability to pinpoint the cause of this disease has led many clinicians to view the symptoms as manifestation of psychiatric disorder.

Beyond the Dark Cloud is more than a story of self-healing; it is the revelation of a mysterious and often misdiagnosed disease which cause many women to suffer in silence. This book should help those who suffer and lead us toward a better understanding of the disease. (Thea Schlosser, (800)-280-0547, (805)-383-1043, E.mail