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The Sculptors O'Connor: A historical profile of two sculptors - Andrew O'Connor Sr. & Andrew O'Connor Jr. by Doris Flodin Soderman (published by Gundi Publishers, 160 pages, $27.95).

Initially, people will mistake this for an art book, but a careful look reading of the story will illuminate the rich history of two great sculpture artists: Andrew O'Connor, Sr. and Andrew O'Connor, Jr. who lived during 1847 to 1924 and 1874 to 1941, respectively.

The story in a very interesting way reveals the usual eccentricity of artists in love with their work, their models, and sometimes their students. It tells of family tragedies and how the love of art survived them all. But, there is much more to the story, including the sadness that many writers face today. Every popular artist, writer, or musician, at some point, has utilized his or her fame to either intentionally or inadvertently dwarf, if not entirely crush the star of great work done by not well-known artists.

Even O'Connor, Sr. was quoted as saying, "A popular error concerning the mission of sculpture is to the effect that only those who have done things pleasing to the public mind are worthy of immortality by its means. History teaches the fallacy of this, for as truth advances, these productions are revealed as idols whose claims to continued existence rest not upon what they stood for, but solely upon the humanity stamped upon them."

Many of we authors who are struggling and begging to get on Oprah's show will be painfully denied such glamorous opportunity. Perhaps we may take solace from the words of this sculpture artist. We should know that our great work will shine vibrantly after our death.

The Sculpture O'Connor is the history of two of America's great sculptors. The book is by an author fascinated by the life of these two giant artists. This is an exciting history book to those interested in both American history and art. (Doris Flodin Soderman, (508)-757-8940)