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Perfect Harmony by Christopher Quimonsieur (published by American Literary Press Inc., Baltimore, 36 pages, $6.95).

A nicely narrated fairy-tale for older children and young adults about talents, nature and the beauty of life in general. Young adults will find this book educational about people and individual differences.

The book points out one very important issue about the period of growing up as children begin to discover their talents. This story helps children to understand it is okay to be different from other people because everybody has a talent and appreciation for life.

Perfect Harmony is the story of seven sons reared by their parents who help them to develop their talents and share them with others and the world.

Sometimes it is hard for parents to relate to their kids through conversation or instruction, this story helps to teach a lesson about the value of life and appreciation for nature and individual differences (American Literary Press Inc., (800)-873-2003. E. mail: