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People Who Prey-Human Predators by William J. Turman (published by Brentwood Christain Press, Columbus, 64 pages, $9.95).

Many times people choose to take advantage of others because it is within the limits of the law. The victims remain helpless while the advantage takers are without conscience. This book deals with many issues of exploitation in society, from situations within the family to those in the streets. For example, the author discusses the type of legalized robbery happening in a family when a particular family member decides to take the entire family wealth and not share with the rest of the siblings. The book is based on the issues of moral conscience that many people have taken for granted. We claim government cannot legislate morality, as a result, this gives opportunity to many people specialized in legalized robbery which is usually referred to as rip-offs.

Turman's book helps to raise a question of moral conscience. For example, should the car salesperson make $2000 more profit from you than from the sale of the same car to a previous buyer just because you don't know how to bargain? The author discusses other advantage takers ("rip-offs"), like greedy insurance agents selling useless coverages, friends taking advantage of friends, lawyers taking advantage of clients, etc. One of the most interesting examples he discusses is the power mongers on the job who use their positions to abuse employees. Everybody, at one time has to deal with a power-hungry mad-boss who wants everything his/her way while underrating and humiliating others. Sometimes these people do more damage to society than murderers do. They not only destroy human virtues, but also inflict a series of emotional pains leading to psychopathologies in their victims.

People Who Prey digs deep into the conscience of men and women preying on others. The book delivers a powerful message that should be shared with friends, especially with those known to rejoice in taking advantage of others, as if their conscience is dead. Turman is appealing to the moral conscience of society. It's an excellent book guided by Christian moral values (William J. Turman: (972)-240-8388).