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Guilt By Association by Jordan I. Shifrin, Attorney at Law

A Survival Guide for Homeowners, Board Members, and Property Managers (published by KS&W, 159 pages, $19.95)

This book is a how-to guide for anyone living in a cooperative or condominium or anyone belonging to a homeowners associations. As a legal counsel since 1977, Jordan Shifrin understands the operation of homeowner's association. An association can represent either a cross section of the population or a homogenous ethnic or age group.

Noted association authority attorney Jordan I Shifrin has written a book to educate people involved in governing boards of homeowner's associations. Guilt By Association is a concise overview of the responsibilities of association board members.

This is a very essential legal guide for anyone involved in a condominium or homeowner's association.

Guilt by Association: A survival guide for homeowners, board members and property managers is a very helpful and an excellently written book by a well-informed practicing attorney. (Contact: Ms. Eileen Digmann, secretary to attorney, Jordan I. Shifrin: (847)-537-0500).