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Sisters of the Thirteen Moons: Rituals Celebrating Women's Lives by Jeanne Brinkman Grinnan, Mary Rose McCarthy, Barbara S. Mitrano, and Rosalie Muschal-Reinhardt (published by The Prism Collective, 139 pages, $14.95).

This is a collection of books designed to help women celebrate the events in life that are crucial, yet ignored by a male-dominated society. The authors put forth the notion that America is a male-oriented society and by male-dominated rituals. These books offer women opportunity to celebrate their womanhood in groups of other women.

One of the books, Sisters of the Thirteen Moons, celebrates ordinary events in women's lives, such as the ritual of girl-child, the celebration for women as mothers, the ending of a relationship, the rituals of healing, and many more.

The second book is a journal: Journey to the Divine Within, which gives opportunity to women to reflect on their lives as if they are on a journey.

The third book, also a journal, Journey to a Place Among Faith-Filled Women: A Journal is designed to help women deal with everyday problems of life.

This is a collection of books that is valuable in helping women celebrate the rituals of their existence in a group (Contact: Rosalie Muschal-Reinhardt: (716)-872-6657).