DEATH by Media, by Tony Vercillo.

Media & the Abuse of Power

This compelling new book ponders the question: "Has the continuing onslaught of media abuse contributed to the decline of personal values and the steady corruption of our society?" A Must Read for college students, teachers, media professionals, or anyone interested in the growing menace of media manipulation. Death by Media gives a fair assessment of how the media packages important news events from the 1960's to the present.

The book tackles foreign and domestic media abuse, including the Chernobyl and Waco disasters, the Gulf War Syndrome, and the Rodney King versus the LAPD incident. This important work reveals to the reader how the media uses information to increase political bias, polarize groups, and confuse the public. The author promotes a people's advocacy of personal involvement as a solution to the problem. He also offers ten steps to improving the media's representation of news. Death by Media shows the slow death of the American spirit through the rampant use of sensationalism solely to bolster ratings and profits.

The author, Tony Vercillo, has twenty year of experience as a management consultant, author, and public speaker. His speaking engagements are in great demand because his "infectious enthusiasm." Commonwealth Publications, 9764-45th Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5C5. For speaking engagement for Tony Vercillo: (888)-TRY-IFMC, (800)-491-7737, Fax orders: (403)-432-9409. ISBN: 1-55197-219-0, 422 pages, $4.99 (US), $6.99 (CAN).

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