#1 Corporate Motivators: Soaring to New Heights by Carleen Franklin and Sarah LaPlant - National Leading Motivators!

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Soaring to New Heights: Presented by The Excelerators Carleen Franklin & Sarah LaPlant as corporate motivators.

Power thoughts to make better Choices, handle resulting Changes, cope with difficult Challenges and Accelerate The Excellence Within!

Soar to New Heights of Personal Fulfillment with Carleen & Sarah as they share:

How to choose what you really desire to be successful.

How to stay in control of your most valuable resource - yourself.

How to overcome undesirable habits and make desired changes "stick."

How to improve self image and increase personal power.

These are the national leading corporate motivators!

CARLEEN FRANKLIN achieved personal success in spite of a chaotic childhood, migraine headaches and chronic illnessess as a young adult. After "accidentally" entering the sales profession at age 33, Carleen went on to own and manage an award winning national sales company for twenty-one years. A recognized authority on motivation, communication, customer relations and sales management, Carleen shares proven methods of growth to develop the personal power within each individual.

SARAH LaPLANT, a registered nurse, was so shy in her early twenties that she took her mother on shopping trips to speak to clerks. Her experience of conquering shyness with positive, personal power is an inspiration to everyone who wants to grow in personal power or business relationships. As her self confidence and self esteem grew, Sarah became a highly acclaimed sales manager, a national award winner, a consistently outstanding performer in sales, training, and as a national speaker.

"You were an inspiration. If your self esteem/confidence wasn't soaring high as an eagle, you just weren't listening. I liked the way you interwove your thoughts." - Marjorie H. Hanley, Executive Secretary, United Technologies Pratt & Whintney

"Your presentation met my every expectation. (And my expectations were quite high). I intend to Soar like an eagle!"- Jim Barber, President, Barbarian Enterprises, Inc.

"Thanks you for being a guest on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and expertise with our viewers and studio audience." - Oprah Winfrey

The Book: Soaring to New Heights can be ordered from

Excelerators, Speaking Professionals

1631 SE 24 Blvd.

Okeechobee, FL 34974

Tel: 863-763-0867. Fax 863-467-5359.

112 Pages, $9.00, ISBN# 0-9640867-1-9


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