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From the left is

Sarah LaPlant

and on the right is Carleen Franklin

Carleens's family moved to central Florida from upstate New York when she was three years old; their first job was picking and packing fruit.  She lived in seventeen places before she was eleven years old, including the cab of an "18 wheeler" while her parents delivered fruit.

    This chaotic childhood resulted in feelings of neglect and insecurity which she had been fighting all her life.  Having a four year high school average of 97, she was offered two college scholarships.  Not "seeing" herself in college she turned them both down.

    Her journey form "pitiful" to "powerful" is the basis of this book.  She now flies with the Eagles by helping others find their "wings".

   Sarah comes from an average, middle class family in Tennessee, the second of four children of happy, church going parents.  She grew up the quiet, shy one of the family and became a registered nurse because she says she had no real direction and knew she could always get a job.   After moving to Vero Beach with her husband and son, Sarah became a member of Carleen's direct sales organization.   

    Sarah, recognized in the top twenty-five of 10,000 managers nationwide, credits her success to the personal empowerment and self management techniques that are shared in this book.

    Carleen and Sarah, internationally known as the Execrators, present seminars, workshops and sales training to help "Accelerate the Excellence Within."

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