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List of New Books For This  Year 2002

New Books For the Year 2002
Evolution, Information and Personality by Robert Depaolo
A Police Story: A Reason For Being - Syl Harris Story by Sylvester Harris
Society Reconsidered: A debate on the Issues of Modern Times by Robert Depaolo
Hominids: A Perspective on Human Biosocial Evolution from the Treetops to the Renaissance
Unnatural Attachment by Simon Moses
The New Cosmology by Harold Allen
101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors by 'Yinka Vidal
7,001 Resumes - The Job Search Workbook by Ferris E. Merhish, Ph.D.
Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability, by Thomas C. Fairley

Under Oath: Memoirs Of An Honest Politician by katherine Moore

Famous Quotes From My Father by Clara A. Stewart Scrutchen
Quality Books for Dedicated Educators by Cornelius Barker
Hers is Beauty: A Book of Romantic Poetry by Brandon Boyd
A Vampire Movie in the Making from Book: The Refuge of Night by Mike Cervello
Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Gripping Real Life Stories by Father Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D
Mexico's Tehuantepec Canal Controversy by Robert C. Schade
Every Emotions by George Carle, M.D.
The Patchwork Angel New Children's Book by Judy Weyand
Making Kids Smarter by Pedro R. Portes, Ph.D.
And Love Was All He Said - Growing Up Autistic by Michael J. O'Reilly
Employee Stock Options by Gabriel Fenton and Joseph Stern
The Peaceful Solution Volume 4 by Yisrayl Hawkins
Comeback of the Bears by James Brooks
MEAT  a book of Great Spiritual Inspiration by Mark Kilgore
What Are The Odds by Charlie Cornell
The White Lies Black People Believe by Alfred Ali

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