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Quality Books for Dedicated Educators. Authored by Cornelius L Barker & Claudette J. Searchwell

Writing Meaningful Teacher Evaluations - Right Now. Make every minute count when doing teacher evaluations with this quick-start reference guide. 80 pgs., $28.95; book and CD-ROM set, $54.95

"And Yet He Lived?" - Motivate and encourage your students to read with this breakthrough reading experience for pre-teens and young adults. The story of a former gang leader who becomes a school administrator. 150 pgs., $19.99

Professor Eli & The Bible Bunch - Motivate and encourage your children, your family, your friends and neighbors to read the Bible with this new and exciting precursor. 180 pgs., $49.99

Writing Year-End Teacher Improvement Plans - Right Now! Help create tomorrow's teachers today with this companion step-by-step improvement manual. 88 pgs., $28.95; book and CD-ROM Set, $54.95

Government By The Children For The Children - A renaissance approach to disciplinary methods using a governmental classroom set-up to promote values. 35 pgs., $12.95

A Little Eden - In the tradition of the ancient story tellers, this is a great spiritual growth building tale to read to your children and your children's children. 45 pgs., $12.95

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