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Presenting The Peaceful Solution to the World 613 unbiased Laws that will bring this world to unity

The Peaceful Solution Volume 4 by Yisrayl Hawkins

The Third Global Conference on Peace was held February 23-25, 2001 in Abilene, Texas,  co-convened by Dr. Oryema Johnson and Dr. Yisrayl Hawkins.

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Dr. Yisrayl Hawkins presented The Peaceful Solution before a large gathering of the International Community and received their commitment to implement this plan, through which peace can be taught in any Educational Institution worldwide. Determined to set the standard for peace by eliminating the causes of war—The Peaceful Solution is presented to you.

The Peaceful Solution is 613 Moral Laws of human conduct that will bring this world to unity—will bring peace, joy, and abundant living if each and every individual in the world would accept these Laws and practice them in their daily lives

. This world has come to the brink of destruction, but it is not to late to turn back now! Only an unified world seeking peace can bring war to an end. There is a Peaceful Solution in these volumes being presented to you today. In these volumes, you will learn what each of these Laws mean and how they can benefit the individual, the family, the nation, and the world.

One of these Laws says: Do Not Steal...do we understand the full meaning of this Law. We can steal a
person's possessions, we can steal a person's affections, and we can, also, steal a person's reputation through slander, gossip, tale bearing, false accusations and taking undue credit belonging to another. Many enemies have been made and many wars fought because of thoughtless, uncaring deeds and cutting words. This is the way of the gods! Another Law says do not take on the character of the gods. Yet, the gods have deceived many into believing they are all knowing and all powerful; that they have the knowledge of the only One True Creator.

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Yisrayl Hawkins

They took this glory but they did not take on the character that only these 613 unbiased Laws could bring to all mankind... The Peaceful Solution. The Creator designed all things for the benefit of mankind and placed him on the Earth to multiply. He also gave a set of Laws to live by that would assure each person a rich, full, and peaceful life.

The gods have only brought forth war, disease, and sorrow for all of mankind which will bring the world and its inhabitants to total destruction if it is not stopped now! The 613 unbiased Laws presented in The Peaceful Solution can turn back the hands of time and the impending doom that we are facing if we will read, study and apply The Peaceful Solution to our daily lives. We will readily see the beauty and the benefits that they will bring to our life, our family, and to all mankind

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The Peaceful Solution, Volume 4
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