Beware of Human Predators!

People Who Prey-Human Predators by William J. Turman (published by Brentwood Christian Press, Columbus Georgia, 64 pages, $9.95) has written a very wonderful book to warn the public about those humans who prey on others. In his book, he goes through different types of predators and how people can avoid them --- especially immoral issues generally accepted. The author; William Turman armed himself with a strong sense of purpose, and high moral values, guided by the fundamentals of Christianity to wage war against social evils.

This book is not intended for intellectual giants (or pseudo intellectuals), that pick things to pieces for the sake of their egos. Hopefully, this book will enlighten, inform, and entertain you in a very unique way. It encourages you to possess a kind, gentle demeanor, but always be prepared to change into a mighty warrior at a moment's notice. Since our children and our deeds are our only immortality, we need to pay close attention to both.

As one of the actors in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar said: "The evil that men do lives long after them."

Learn to recognize Predators. They will be with us always. Whereas predators are a necessity in nature and the wild outdoors; in human society they are devastating. Eliminate those types from your life whenever possible. You will be much happier.

Available nationally for telephone interviews and talk shows, telephone: (972)-240-8388). Send book order to: William J. Turman, 1510 Buena Vista, Garland, TX 75043.

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