Health Care Management in Serious Crises Due to Greed!

Overcoming the Invisible Crime! Is Money Bigger than God?

Money is Bigger than Man

In the past few years, we have seen great economic prosperity in America primarily for the rich. In our attempt to move from an industrial economy to a service based economy, we created dangerous situations in the labor market where people in some situations were treated as if they were machines or animals. The primary purpose of a business manager today is to squeeze as much from an employee until his/her brain burns out due to stress, or the employee physically collapses. This is the trend of the future as the man is in a race with computer to make money. The future repercussion of this type of labor management on the employees is going to be very devastating. This may lead employees to great stress causing dangerous depression, and the eventual collapse of the family structure.

Human Life has No Value in Some Hospitals

Using the health care cost increase as excuse, many managers and CEOs in care management are draining the health care revenue and taking them to the Wall Street where a price is placed on the value of human life. Initially, many hospitals started to downsize to reduce cost which at that time seemed reasonable. They laid off many medical professionals and hired many non-professionals for lower salaries. The quality of care doesn't matter as long as health care revenue for the company is increased. Once they realized how much huge profits they could make from sick people, some of them changed their non-profit status to for-profit in the name of human blood. Hospitals employees were reduced to the point of disaster and the quality of care in such hospitals depreciated badly -- in some situations a patient may be better-off to take treatment at home than staying in hospitals.

A Book: Overcoming the Invisible Crime, Sounded a Warning Alarm

Overcoming the Invisible Crime is the biography of 'Yinka Vidal, a former hospital manager telling the stories of dangerous medical practices in health care and especially in hospitals and the detrimental effects on patients. The author started as far back as late 1970s watching the dangerous trend in health care services in hospitals. These are shocking revelations to warn the public regarding utilization of hospitals. In this book, the author cites many dangerous practices in hospitals due to attempts to raise revenue causing patients a lot of suffering and in some situation causing death. Sometimes, it is just serious errors by physicians or employees trying to do so much with less help causing the patient's demise. How can a patient protect him or herself while being hospitalized? It is very important that a prospective patient gets a copy of this book and learn what questions to ask prior to hospitalization, surgery or before beginning any major treatment given by a physician. Although some of the situations and cases mentioned in this book are very scary, but it is important for the public to be educated about the dangerous situation in some health care institutions and how they can learn to, protect themselves and their loved ones. The situation is not going to get any better as money has replaced God and the worship of money is more important than people's health or welfare.

The book: Overcoming the Invisible Crime can be obtained from Lara Publications, 12382 Trail Forest Lane, Florissant, MO. 63033. $19.99, (352 pages) or call 800-599-7313, Fax 314-653-6543, E.mail

Money is Bigger than God Jesus Christ on Auction Block!

The Virgin Mary Weeps! What's Next For Sale, Church Pews?

According to St. Louis Post Dispatch of December 17, 1997, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon was supposed to be conducting a hearing about whether St. Louis University Hospital should be sold to Tenet Healthcare Corp. (a health care for-profit company) for $300 million at Harris-Stowe State College in St. Louis.

The original mission of most hospitals were based on a simple mission following the ministry of Jesus as "A Mission of Mercy" after they chased the nuns out of the hospitals, dangerous men in dark glasses came inside hospitals with their brief cases. They turned the mission of Jesus Christ and that of Mother Teresa to "A Business for the Greedy."

If a hospital is considered a part of Christian ministry, then a hospital should retains it a non-profit status by caring for the poor, the sick, and the needy. Jesus made it clear that he supported the IRS by saying, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's." Matthew 22, verse 21. When he caught them running the Wall Street inside the church on Sunday, he chased them out with a whip saying, "It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer, but ye have turned it to a den of thieves." Matthew 21, verse 13.

What health care has turned to these days, is the same reason Jesus Christ chased the Wall Street stock brokers out of the church.

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The Love of Money is the Root of Many Evils

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