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December 1999 Special Issue

Why 98,000 Patients Died Annually Due to Hospital Errors

Hospital Mishaps:  A Mission of Mercy Turned a Business for the Greedy!
Book: Reports About Patient's Deaths: Sample Chapter Overcoming the Invisible Crime
1. 1999 Hospital Deaths: Why hospital mistakes cost 98,000 lives a year.

2. 1994 Hospital Mistakes: Management Crises Worsen in Hospitals: Doctors Fight Back!

3. 1995 Hospital Mishaps: Hospital Management crisis continues CEOs are Looting Health Care Revenue

4. 1994 Patient Deaths: Patient die needlessly in hospitals - Blame the media!

5. 1994 Hospital Crises: Hospital Management in Crises: Workers and Patients fight Back

6. Self Protection: Patients' Education and Prevention

7. Dangerous practices in hospitals due to greed!

8. 1999 St. John's Mercy Hospital Nurses in St. Louis Voted to Unionize

9. Decatur Illinois School: Should Jesse Jackson be Demonstrating? Black Students Expelled for Fist Fight

10. Sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Tragic Story of a Physician -- Dr. Edwin Witt

11. Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: A Profile of Abuse by Dee Frances

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Below is Dr. Witt's Story

Edwin Witt, M.D. the Shocking story of sex and sexually transmitted diseases. A personal story of inspiration and history during the Great Depression

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Dr. Edwin Witt, M.D.

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