The Sorceress of Atunluck

by Aaron Dean Hall

An Interesting Fictional Book

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This is an interesting story about Zafer, whose magic ability is discovered at a very painful time of her life. She is waiting for her father’s arrival as she sees the ship. Suddenly, the ship disappears and she becomes troubled. She conjures a light overhead, which allows her to see the fate of her father’s ship. She watches as the father’s ship is sinking with the rest of the people on board.

During this time, human are in the middle of war with barbaric elf. As a result, the human takes Zafer away to train her so she is able to develop her magic ability. She is only fourteen at the time the training starts, but nothing happens. The humans fails to train her become they are not able to read. Zafer herself continues to work hard and develop herability. Everything she tries fails. One day her island is under attack while she tries to use her magic power, and it fails.

According to the story, when Zafer’s island is taken, Nealgunthra, who loves to milk people’s energy, tries to use her by draining her energy. She is later taken underground by Mongod toll who teaches her magic and how to cast and remove spells.

Although the book is fiction, it has a lot of interesting twists and turns, to it making it a very entertaining reading.

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