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New Book: 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors - A 24 Year Odyssey!

by V. 'Yinka Vidal

New Book Release: Chicago Book Expo 2001 - 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

Book Press Release: Lara Publications, Florissant, MO.

101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors - A 24 Year Odyssey by 'Yinka Vidal is the result of a twenty four year observational study in many hospitals. It looks at various hospital systems evaluating problems and feedback from those working directly with patients. The book identifies over 101 major systemic problems leading to medical errors and in some situations, patient deaths. It also designs strategies for solutions. It probes deeper into the root causes of medical errors as it describes ways to fix them.

Oprah Winfrey and V. Yinka Vidal the author of 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors - A 24 Year Odyssey at the Chicago Book Expo Breakfast with Authors

June 3, 2001

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The author takes a non-punitive but more proactive approach in preventing medical mistakes and patient deaths. He starts by looking at the history of situations which brings about the increase in medical errors and how they can be corrected. In designing and implementing solutions, Vidal uses his 30 year experience of working in hospitals to look at both the management and the employees’ sides of many crucial issues. In some chapters, he appears to be more pro-management and in others, he is more understanding of employees’ positions and concerns. The outcome is a well balanced approach to solving systemic problems in hospital as he brings everybody to the bargaining table..

Many of the chapters are designed to identify systemic problems and also help to implement solutions using the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) model of employee involvement. Although the book does not deal with all areas of clinical medicine, it deals with enough areas to identify prototype problems inherent in most of the hospital systems. For example, it extensively deals with the areas of constant problems between the laboratory and the nursing departments regarding patient identification and specimen collection.

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The book offers numerous solutions to solving hospitals' systemic problems affecting patient care. After reading this book, a hospital manager will be equipped with fresh ideas and workable solutions to battle medical errors and not people.

It gives a better insight into how to successfully deal with bureaucratic problems without throwing punches. In the end, the book brings out effective strategies to help find resolutions to many of the nagging systemic problems causing patient death within hospitals.

101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors by 'Yinka Vidal is  a book directed to help   managers at every level of management to identify root causes of systemic problems and improve patient care.

Every hospital supervisor, CEO or director who reads this book will gain a wealth of information to help in dealing with systemic problems, particularly the ones caused by the elements of human behavior and emotions

The book is due for release in the Winter of 2001. 307 pages, (softback) $42.75    (hardcover) $49.75. Visit the book official site  

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