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Leaving the Wilderness is the highly anticipated debut novel of a talented writer, Tonya Blount

Leaving the Wilderness, is the story of a working housewife and how she survived both physical and emotional torture from her husband

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Tonya Blount

author of Leaving the Wilderness

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Ms. Blount's protagonist, Jordan Baez is a beautiful African American woman, married thirteen years to Franklin Baez, with whom she has three children.  Jordan endures many tragedies, yet her astonishing determination to survive and succeed allows her to bend, but not break. After being the benefactor of Franklin's abuse for many years she finally finds the courage to leave him. 

Then, she falls deeply in love with Gerald Baxter.  A heartbreaking discovery challenges Jordan's mortality, possibly yielding her own destruction, she is propelled to examine herself.  Thus, directing her on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Walk alongside Jordan on her journey.  A journey which is reflected in the lives of many women, past and present.

Take part in revelations which have forged an iron will, one so necessary to survive, no woman should be without!

About the Author
Tonya Blount was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, Tonya has always been fascinated with the "free-spirited world" of creativity. After writing many short stories and poems, she was compelled to begin on a most important project--her first novel.


Ordering Information
The book will be released in fall 2002, and will be available online and in bookstores. To order a review copy of the book, request a media kit or schedule an interview with the author, please contact Ms. Blount's publicist, Roxanne Goodin at 631-882-0406, e-mail: goodinandassoc@Yahoo.com


Powerful and compelling  . . . truly a must read for every woman!

Jennifer Vaughn, NY.

A testament to inner strength. Stark, painful reality bleeds through each line, drawing the reader deep into the dark and foreboding wilderness. The hope, and eventual revelation, that it can be left behind will instill a strength in your soul you will find yourself yearning from the moment you sit down to read. You will feel this book - - -every page.

Barbara Behan, NY.

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