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Book Press Releases Chicago Book Expo 2001

Press Releases

May, 2001

May 21, 2001

For Immediate Release:

Buddy Ebsen's "Kelly's Quest" Hits #3 On the L.A. Times Bestseller List!
Beverly Hillbilly Hits Literary "Black Gold" With First Novel Available In
Traditional and E-book formats from 1stBooks Library

Palos Verdes, California -  May 21, 2001 - Buddy Ebsen, best known for his
roles of Jed Clampett in The Beverly Hillbillies and the television sleuth
Barnaby Jones, is now a best selling author!  "Kelly's Quest", Mr. Ebsen's
first novel, listed #3 on the L.A. Times Book Review's Paperback BestSeller
list in this past week's Sunday L.A. Times.  "Kelly's Quest" is published by
1stBooks Library and is available at retail in paperback and hardcover
wherever fine books are sold and in e-book format from

In Kelly's Quest, Kelly, a beautiful, disillusioned girl, flees Hollywood
after her quick temper costs her a job as a stagehand.  After being clobbered
because she dares to stand up for herself in a man's world, Kelly searches
for a man that will make her feel like a woman.  There is a list of men in
her life that she has been involved with in some manner: Father Hennesy, her
minister, Noel De Lacey, sensitive young film maker, Jerry, the millionaire
who mistook her for a hooker, Jack Slade, a "bad guy," and finally Gary
Hunnicutt, a young Montana cowboy, who qualifies in every way as her 'Mr.

While Ebsen became famous for his roles as Jed Clampett and Barnaby Jones, he
was also a celebrated move actor, claiming roles in Broadway Melody of1935,
Broadway Melody of 1938 with Judy Garland, Born to Dance, the Shirley Temple
picture Captain January, Banjo On My Knee, Girl of the Golden West, Parachute
Battalion, Night People with Gregory Peck, Between Heaven & Hell with Robert
Wagner, Attack, Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn, Mail Order Bride,
The One & Only Family Band, The President's Plane is Missing, Fire on the
Mountain, and Stone Fox.

Ebsen also has recently extended his creative talents into the world of
painting.  He was recently featured in the November 16 edition of the Los
Angeles Times showcasing the unveiling of his ninth painting of the
10-painting "Uncle Jed Country" self-portrait series.  His lithographs can be
seen and purchased at

About 1stBooks Library: Based in Bloomington, Indiana, 1stBooks Library was
established in 1997 in order to fulfill the dream of authors who wish to have
their books published while retaining all rights and control of content.
1stBooks titles are available in traditional hard copy format at more than
25,000 retail outlets worldwide, and in e-book format through the 1stBooks
Library online store at

Steven Style or Chris Persheff
The Steven Style Group
New York, New York
t) 212-465-1290
f) 212-465-1299


Come see the latest innovations for 2001!

Book Expo, Chicago, June 1- 3
Join LeapFrog, creator of the award-winning LeapPad Learning System, as the company
unveils its newest innovations at Book Expo 2001.  Winner of the Toy Industry Association's
prestigious TOTY Awards for "People's Choice Toy of the Year" and "Best Educational
Toy of the Year", the LeapPad teaches reading by magically bringing traditional story
books to life. (Please see attached press release.)

What’s new?

Highlighting LeapFrog’s award-winning line of educational products is the much anticipated
My First LeapPad®, designed to teach key pre-reading skills.  A host of new additions to
the growing library of interactive LeapPad books will also be showcased.  And with the
Never Ending Learning Club, LeapFrog’s newest interactive learning adventure unfolds
through an online subscription service to Leap’s Pond, the first downloadable
LeapPad-enabled magazine.

Preview the next generation of LeapPad line of products at LeapFrog’s booth, #207, and
discover how these products inspire a passion for leaning.

To schedule an appointment to visit the LeapFrog booth, please contact Jill Lemcke at
212.777.2220, ext. 19. For on-site requests, please contact Kimberley Pierce of LeapFrog
at 510.420.5275.

Married to the Badge!

Get your hands on a story that your audience will be captivated by!

Married to the Badge is the story.  Married to the Badge will be
showcased at the Book Expo America 2001 in Booth SP20.

Written by Kimberly C. Davis, Married to the Badge is a revealing look behind
the scenes of a police marriage. It's the only book of it's kind that is written by
the spouse of a police officer.  It is the only one of it's kind in which the feelings,
experience, and suffering of the police officer's spouse due to the effects of his
career is displayed in work. It is the only book of it's kind that show's the unbarred
look of a police officer's make-up.

We are all aware of the chaos and controversy surrounding the police world.
Society has become engulfed and captivated by the subject, police.  Because
of this readers won't be able to put the page-turner, Married to the Badge,
down, once they pick it up.  Author's promise!

Please get in contact with me, if you are interested in a good story.  If you'd like
to set up an interview with me during the Book Expo America 2001 or any other
time, please free to contact me at any of the information below!

I look forward to meeting with you at the Book Expo. 

Enjoy your day!

Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis
Computer Support
GSU -  College of Law

May 20, 2001

NEWS RELEASE - May 20, 2001
CHICAGO - Two major book distributors are appearing at BEA this year
with a book-full of exciting news.
They are BookWorld Services, Inc., and its subsidiary, Christian
Distribution Services, Inc., of Sarasota FL. Their ABA booth numbers are
4159 and 4259. Publishers are invited to stop by for a chat. Here are
their major developments:
* Houghton Mifflin, the mammoth Boston publisher, has
selected Christian Distribution to market its books to the Christian
* Shadow Mountain, an imprint of Deseret Book Company, has
appointed BookWorld to represent it both to secular and Christian
* BookWorld has created a program called "Tailored Sales"
offering pure sales representation for publishers - often as a way for
publishers to cover marketplaces they aren't reaching with their own
organizations. Initial clients include Loyal Publishing, Hampton Roads,
Hunter Publishing, and Brookfield Reader.
* The companies announced also that they have appointed a
new vice president-sales, Anisa Evans, once of Ingram Book Company and
lately as Eastern Sales Manager for BookWorld and CDS. She is
transferring from Virginia to Sarasota.
* And the companies revealed that their sales
organizations now total 48 people - a 400% increase over a year ago.
These include BookWorld and CDS staff sales managers, plus leading sales
representative firms throughout the U.S. and Canada.

BookWorld and CDS are headquartered at 1933 Whitfield Park Loop,
Sarasota FL 34243, with their Distribution Center near Nashville.
Telephones are 800/444-2524. Fax, 800/777-2525. Email,
Central@BookWorld.Com <mailto:Central@BookWorld.Com>, or
Suzanne Hudson-Smith
Vice-President, Publisher Services
BookWorld Services, Inc.
Christian Distribution Services, Inc.
1933 Whitfield Park Loop
Sarasota, FL  34243
800-444-2524 x218
800-777-2525 fax


May 18, 2001

My Art?
Created by a child for children, My Art is a series of art books suitable for
pre-school aged kids (2 - 6 years old). Each page features one large, simple
drawing-removing the intimidation of a blank page without hindering creativity.
Each My Art book is composed of a collection of hand-drawn illustrations,
currently offered in three topics: The Alphabet, Dinosaur and Zoo Animal. My
Art books are offered in four different formats: The Painting Pad (17" x 20"),
The Coloring Pad (8.5" x 11"), The Travel Kit (6" x 8" pad, four different
colored crayons and a shoulder strap for carrying) and The Travel Pads (6" x 8"
Travel Kit refills). My Art, Giving kids space to create (TM).

For digital images or product samples, please contact me. The press
announcement of publishing partnership agreement is attached for your

Detra L. Perry
Director, Public Relations
317.915.3426 phone
317.915.1054 fax



Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Gripping, Real Life Stories By Reverend Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D

For more information contact: Jeff Schwaner

270 King Street Charleston, SC 29401

(843) 579-0000 the new online community for readers and writers,  announces the release of Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Gripping, Real Life  Stories, By Reverend Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D,  Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Gripping Real Life Stories is about life and  its meaning. The pages of this book carry some powerful lessons that can benefit the reader even beyond any expectations. Father Pat has taken  the fiction out of the story and put unique messages in its place. He uses the story as a dynamic vehicle that can capture our attention, hold it and then allow us to savor the story inset. What is even more, Father Pat shows us how to empower ourselves through earnest stories. This is a book about life and its slippery slope. It is also a book about challenge, daring and do. You will find characters within that you  can sympathize with as well as characters that you would like to call  "friend." But more importantly, the stories are stepping-stones to a richer, more rewarding life.

AUTHOR BIO: Father Pat Berkery is presently in charge of St. Anthony's Parish, in Ansonia, Connecticut. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he contracted polio at a very young age and was treated in and received his grade school  education at St. Charles Hospital, in Port Jefferson, New York. The nuns who cared for him did such a wonderful job that he was able to enter the seminary later in life and pursue college and graduate studies in a   Connecticut catholic seminary. After ordination, Father Pat was sent to Rome to obtain his Doctorate in Philosophy. While there, he majored in Scholastic Philosophy, and upon completion of his doctoral studies,  returned to teach in the Connecticut seminary where he prepared for the  priesthood. Father Pat has taught philosophy in various seminaries  throughout the country and has written extensively on the spiritual  life. He has also preached retreats in many parts of the United States.   A published author, Father Pat has written many articles that were  published in various religious journals in addition to his books. A  gifted speaker and homilist, Father Pat has found that stories have a  power to make most messages meaningful and absorbable beyond man's  wildest dreams. This is why his latest book Walk A Mile In My Shoes:  Gripping, Real Life Stories comes at a time in his life when he feels he  must share the secrets of genuine happiness. Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Gripping Real Life Stories is available as both a secure electronic download and a quality paperback book from


New Book: MEAT -  by Mark Kilgore (I.S.B.N. 0970536518 (paperback) (I.S.B.N. 097053650X (hardback))

 THE MESSAGE! Do not miss THE MESSAGE! Messages come from messengers. WAKE UP!!! THE MESSAGE of MEAT will INTRIGUE!

MEAT is a highly stimulating & thought-provoking, very unusual new book, brought about by some very special, even paranormal, circumstances (discussed below). It is a journey of introspection: inspirational, spiritual/Christ(ian), art & entertainment! MEAT is a book of many things, a powerful, multipurpose tool. This book holds the keys to truth & wisdom.

It is titled MEAT because there is nourishment here. MEAT sustains, keeps you going. There is food for thought here. The MEAT of the matter: the principle essence of life.

What is the story behind MEAT? It started in 1997, finding the author, Mark Kilgore, unemployed for months, a desperate man. He prayed many times, feverishly, asking for something from God: a sign, a speaking, anything to prove that He was there. There was nothing. . . . . until. . . . .

Sunday, March 16, 1997, 9 a.m. Thoughts began entering Mark's head, as from an outside source. The thoughts & information increased in number, clarity, and complexity. Overwhelmed, senses racing, realizing that it must God, he scrambled for pen & paper. This lasted for 1 full hour, no interruptions. Kilgore never questioned it, never spoke, just allowed it to come, and scribed furiously, recording what he could of this phenomenal event, referred to as THE MESSAGE.

God told our author a great deal, including everything that anybody will ever need to know, soul-wise & spiritually. He said that it was not free, not just for him; it was for everybody: take THE MESSAGE, expand it, as it applies to your life, and as it applies to all. Pass THE MESSAGE on, in the form of a book titled MEAT. God also showed Mark the cover art. Most of the information was not in word form, because words are limiting. Most of the communication was an E.S.P.: the most efficient communication possible! He told Kilgore that he had 7 years to complete the task.

Mark was unable to expand THE MESSAGE into 100 pages without compromising its purity, so MEAT became a 3-part book. Each part stands alone: part 1: THE MESSAGE, part 2: THE POEMS, part 3: THE EXCERPTS (short stories, quotes, theory, other).

Everyone will genuinely identify with this work, being entertained, inspired, and having their brain stimulated in new & powerful ways! Who knows? If a common man can find the necessary elements to facilitate advancement in such a way that the end result is a true 'divine contact' with God, both proving His existence and yielding the most essential and beneficial knowledge possible. . . . . then it must be possible for others who read this book, MEAT, to advance in a similar or even superior manner!

To order or acquire MEAT, you can use AMAZON.COM, or contact any major bookstore. For discounts or additional ordering options, telephone KIL Publishing (below).

To contact the author for interviewing, or for more ordering information/options, telephone KIL Publishing at 314-616-7146, or E-mail to: . Retailers can use the distributor: Ingram Book Company, at 1-800-937-8200.

MEAT is for fulfilling our higher needs, improving the quality of life. We all want to take that next step, to break on through, to evolve into the next level of consciousness. Are you ready? Ready to realize? Ready to redefine


May, 2001

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

Carolyn Howard-Johnson Author of
This Is The Place
Fax: 818-790-4299  
Publicity: P.J. Nunn Assoc., 972-845-3246   E-mail:
ISBN:  1-58851-352-1   Pages: 239    Publisher: AmErica House, Baltimore
Release Date: July, 2001

 “Carolyn Howard-Johnson paints us a picture of Utah, love,
family, and  
            intolerance in beautiful strokes.   Her elegant prose and eye for
detail takes  
            us on a fascinating journey through Mormon Country.  This is a
story that  
            both teaches and touches.” 
Leora Krygier, Author of   “Breathing Bardot” and
Referee of the LA  
                                County Superior Court

Mormon Country?  Utah?  Intolerance?   Family?  Why are those subjects
important for your article, your audience?

 1.       Winter Olympic fervor has just begun.  Salt Lake City, will be
in the news as never before.  
This Is The Place  will give fans an insider’s view of what some
consider a  
        mysterious Place and culture.

2.       Time magazine recently featured genealogy on its cover.  Salt
Lake City is the world center for the study of family history because Mormons
baptize living members, by proxy, for those who have died.  Not since Alex
Haley’s Roots, has this subject held as much interest for the public. 
This Is The Place is a story about a young journalist who delves into  
         her Mormon heritage and journals her way through prejudice into  

      3.       The US Government census statistics are hot off the press. 
The US is more diversified than ever and some are saying that cultural
divisions will become more prevalent. In April Buddhist icons in Afghanistan
were destroyed.  In March a student who had been bullied killed and wounded
peers in Santee, Ca. Unfortunately, we can be certain that these kinds of
events will continue to dominate the news.  
This Is The Place is a story about how bigotry can hide in the guise of  
      love, family, and community, how it corrodes the souls of those who
      practice it, and how it breeds a backlash in those on whom it is

4.       The rights women fought so hard for in the 60s and 70s are
being eroded. California recently voted to rescind their affirmative action
statutes. US foreign aid was withdrawn from countries that offer family
planning services to its under-classes. Recent studies showed that the gap
between salaries for men and women has improved little since the 50s.
This Is The Place tells about a young woman’s fight against the   
      transparent ghosts of sexism that were so pervasive, so part of the
      quo that she didn’t know it was an influence in her life.

      This Is The Place is just plain old good reading.  The Author was born
and raised in Salt Lake City and was a staff writer for The Salt Lake
Tribune. The Los Angeles Daily News called it a quasi memoir.             

                “It was 3 a.m.  I had to make myself quit reading…”

Misti Jackson, Author of  
“Help From Above”

At BEA the author will be at the SPAN booth, #3970 and will be signing This
Is The Place
on Friday at 4 p.m., Table #4.  A media kit and galleys are
available on request.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Author of This Is The Place,

A novel about Love, Prejudice and Redemption
Set in Utah in the 50s.

To be Published by AmErica House in June of 2001.


Suzi Prokell
U.S. Publicist
Chouette Publishing/Caillou
972-644-9505 direct

“Much better than Clifford, for my money it’s Caillou…”

"…has the look of a classic... . It’s got heart and portrays the world the
way it should be.”
- TV Guide critic Susan Stewart, talking with NBC’s “Today” show news anchor
Anne Curry about the best new shows for pre-school children



Media Contact:
Suzi Prokell
U.S. Publicist
Chouette Publishing
(972) 644-9505

Chouette Publishing to showcase best-selling Caillou books at BookExpo

(MONTREAL – May 2, 2001) – Growing up is not so tough, especially with a
friend like Caillou (pronounced KY-YOU), a lovable and popular four-year-old
boy who reflects the real emotions of children in everyday life. Chouette
Publishing will showcase the best-selling Caillou books at BookExpo America
in McCormick Place in Chicago June 1-3.  Launched in October 2000, Caillou
has already hit #39 on the Barnes & Noble board-books bestseller list for
Caillou Potty.

Chouette Publishing, whose book sales exceed 3 million copies worldwide, has
made a grand entrance into the U.S. market with the launch of several
Caillou series, simultaneous with the premiere of the animated Caillou
series on PBS last September. To date there are five series available in the
United States: Backpack, Kite, North Star, Peek-A-Boo, and Compass. While at
Ed Expo, Chouette will provide a preview of the new books and series being
released in 2001.

“We are thrilled that the American public has embraced Caillou,” said
Christine L’Heureux, president and publisher of Chouette.

Geared to children from 3 months to 6 years, Caillou is a delightfully fresh
character who really is a “young child’s best friend.” He grows up along
with his readers, bravely encountering the everyday challenges of preschool
life with Mommy and Daddy’s help. Because it’s Caillou’s point of view that
is reflected in each story, not an adult version of a child’s reality,
Caillou is much more like his readers than the characters in many other
books for this age group can be.

Chouette’s philosophy behind Caillou is simple: respect for the child as a
person. To ensure the stories address concerns and conflicts that are
typical of the development of young children and that foster parent-child
interaction, a team of children’s psychologists evaluates every book. The
brightly illustrated books are published in simple language and images; each
relates to one theme, such as bed time, mealtime, daycare, siblings, potty
training, and so on – all subjects that preschoolers discover, try, learn,
or do every day. Caillou’s experiences help children gain needed confidence
in their ability to handle new situations.

Caillou extends beyond the best-selling books to a television show
nationally syndicated by PBS, an interactive companion web site, and videos,
toys, plush toys, clothing, bedding, and dinnerware associated with the
lovable character. This makes Caillou a growing empire that has been
compared to Arthur and Barney.

Chouette Publishing will be in booth #3217 at BEA.

About Chouette Publishing
Founded by Christine L’Heureux in 1987, Chouette Publishing has published
more than 50 books in eight separate series, aimed at children ages three
months through six years. The Caillou books are multiple award-winners,
earning the Sceau d’excellence (Seal of Excellence) from the Association des
consommateurs du Québec, being named an Our Choice selection by the Canadian
Children’s Book Centre, and garnering a Mr. Christie’s Book Award.

About BEA
BookExpo America (BEA), formerly known as the American Booksellers
Association Convention & Trade Exhibit, is North America's premier book
industry event. Designed to meet the needs of the entire book industry,
BookExpo America offers over 300,000 square feet (28,000 square meters) of
exhibits, a full education program with sessions for all segments of the
industry, a rights center exclusively focused on the business of rights,
plus numerous special events and networking receptions.  For more
information concerning BookExpo America and registration for the above
events, please call 800/840-5614 or 203/840-5614 (international) or visit
the BEA Web Site at http:/

# # #

The Caillou Books:

Kite series (ages 9 months and up)
The Kite books encourage communication between parent and child at the time
when the words babies are learning begin to replace their physical ways of
expression. This series deliberately has minimal detail to help a baby focus
on the simple illustrations.

Peek-A-Boo series (ages 18 months and up)
This series is designed to enhance child development in three ways: to
broaden vocabulary, to develop fine motor skills, and to introduce children
to new and stimulating concepts. Each book asks a number of very simple
questions; using the clues to guess the answers, and finding the answers by
peeking under the flaps, children have fun while they learn.

Compass series (ages 2 and up)
The themes in the Compass series reflect Caillou’s and readers’ growth, and
correspond to appropriate stages of child development  — Caillou encounters
new situations, helping children to understand and express their feelings
while encouraging parents to talk to their children about these new

North Star series (ages 3 and up)
As Caillou takes his first steps into the wider world and begins to
understand his environment, the North Star books encourage personal growth
and confidence by teaching children about themselves, familiar situations,
and the challenges they might encounter in their daily lives.

Backpack series (ages 3 and up)
Children rediscover the adventures they’ve seen in the animated PBS series
in this TV tie-in collection. Caillou continues his discovery of life as he
starts to explore the world beyond his home.


FATHER PAT BERKERY. (203) 734-4759 :emai

  The apparent success of the so-called "reality shows" seems to
indicate that we are a nation of thrill seekers, adventurers and even
voyeurs. People seem to love watching the other guy risk danger,
prestige and even honor in attempt to become number one. It seems the
folks in tv land have found our magic button, which once pressed, makes
us do things out of the normal pathway of our every day existence We
like seeing the other guy fill in for us, but we secretly begrudge the
fact he is making good money doing what we would never be found dead

We like being the "other guy". Which is why I found it intriguing that
I just happened to find a book about the "other guy" written by of all
people, a Catholic priest. The book is entitled WALK A MILE IN MY
SHOES:GRIPPING, REAL LIFE STORIES and the author is a Father Pat Berkery
from Ansonia, Connecticut.

I paged through the book and found myself following the good Father's
suggestion. I became the "other guy", which is difficult for me, since I
often have trouble figuring out who I am in the first place. But the
these of Father Pat is really interesting. He says we should empower
ourselves by getting into another person's shoes and feeling new
perspectives, powers and even hurts. In this way, he says, these little
short stories or vignettes he has written become stepping stones towards
a richer and more rewarding life.
As I read through the book, which I found really gripping since I had
to read it through right away, I discovered things about myself I never
knew. Like for example, I saw some pats of myself I didn't like. But
then again, I learned great strategies for coping with disappointment,
grief or the unpredictable. I found characters within the book I could
sympathize with as well as characters that I could easily call "friend".

Today every one is looking for happiness, some magic elixir that will
make the darkness in their lives at least bearable. Now here is a book
that is based on reality, gives you a chance to be someone else, and at
the same time, find out if or how your own personal life can become
richer, more fulfilling. And what is more, once you finish the stories
and put yourself in someone else's shoes, Father Pat leaves you with a
technique you can always use for the rest of your life.  Read the book
and learn the unique messages that will enhance your Spirit and expand
your mind.

(203) 457-9624 :

The other day I saw the football star, Doug Floutie do a commercial to
benefit autism. It seems his little boy was diagnosed recently as
autistic and rather than feel sorry for himself, Doug started a
foundation to help fund research into this disease. According to
statistics, one in four children born today is afflicted with autism, a
disease about which very little is know, yet one which turns a bright,
bouncing youngster into a frightened, withdrawn, eccentric human being,
with little if any hope of a long and healthy life span.
Silence is the banner of the autistic child. He won't talk and he won't
look at you. He runs and hides and amuses himself in a world that shuts
out any real human contact and interaction. Imagine my surprise upon
discovering a book of poems by a young man who is afflicted with this
dread disease? I read through the poems and to say they startled,
challenged, fed and inspired me would be an understatement.
poetry at its best and bravest. It is written by Michael J. O'Reilly who
as a child of three, was found to have autism. He lives in Connecticut
with two other brothers and three sisters, none of whom have the
disease. He currently attends Albertus Magnus College in New Haven
Connecticut and his bio tells us he graduated from High School despite
his handicap.
We think that because a person does not vocalize, he does not see, he
does not notice, he does not feel, he is, in short, a robot, an
automaton. Michael O'Reilly does not fit our labels, our bias, our
ignorance. Rather he rises above them all and shows us that because a
person has a handicap does not mean he opts out of the human race.
In Michael's poetry, you will find pathos, deep insight, cunning humor
plus a wide range of heart-felt emotion. Michael loves this life, he
loves his family, he loves the human race. He has a command of the
English language that is broad, sensitive and far reaching beyond his
years. His poems reveal a soul trapped in illness but powerful enough to
transcend any bonds. Here you will not find a victim. Rather in his
poetry, Michael shines through as a gentle giant who sees himself
anointed and blessed.
Michael is the person he can be simply because of his deep love. In
fact, the title of his work shows forth the real Michael, one who has
discovered what most of us never learned, namely that love conquers
all.  Read his book, as he tells you I am you, you are me. The only
difference is I am wounded and it is not my fault. Feel my pain and
angst. Read my insights. Let me walk you through the world of autism and
enter my own secret prison today. Pull back the layers of prejudice,
ignorance, cold bias and touch me, hear me and above all, love me.
If you are looking for an emotional high, this book is for you.

April, 2001

Writing through grief is a therapeutic method to healing after the death of a child.    Author of "Slices of Sunlight, A Cookbook of Memories", and speaker, Alice J. Wisler, will lead the Writers' Workshop April 21, 2001 at the Regional Compassionate Friends Conference in Denver, Colorado. She will focus on the 26 Steps to Writing Effectively during deep seasons of pain.  She will be available to sign her book which will sold at the Butterfly Boutique during the conference.

Julianne P. Rhodes
UserTel:          919-596-7663

My book is not easy therefore to write news release is not going to be so simple. My web page has to be rewritten was not promote yet but can be useful to give more information. I am sending also a little resume.  "On My Knees The True Story Of My Possession." Thank you Maria 212 980 3733 


  "On My Knees The True Story Of My Possession."  Maria Ferrara 212 980 37 33

The first part of the book describes the whole process of her possession.
The second analyzes how such a phenomenon like possession could exist and gives advice as to how to ward it off.  Through this painful experience, the author questions the established system of beliefs, even so far as to doubt the existence of God. She concludes that God is really the potentiality growing within us, one day fulfilling our dreams for the perfect God.

Maria Ferrara was born in Poland during Hitler's invasion and grew up under the domination of the communist regime. Her father, Zamsaran Zasogol Badma, a Tibetan descended from Ghengh Kan, had his destiny fulfilled by the Romanoff's of Russia. Czar Nicolas II baptized him from Budhism to Russian orthodoxy, giving him the name Vladimir, just as Czar Alexander had earlier baptized his older brother as Piotr Badmajew. They were not only doctors but also invaluable advisers to the Czar in matters of Asian affairs. But in spite of long and successful careers, they fell to accusations of conspiracy with Rasputin by the Russian parliament.

Maria danced at a young age with the opera ballet in Poland. Later, gaining recognition at an international competition in Italy, she subsequently established herself there by turning to acting and appearing in many films.
She matured considerably both emotionally and artistically under the Italian climate, when a dark cloud entered her life, abruptly forcing it to a standstill. After twenty-seven years of living in Italy, Maria was forced to leave her life behind and start all over again. She came to live in the United States to attempt to pick up the pieces of her shattered existence.
As much as she loves America, this terrible experience has continued to overshadow her life, going so far as to take the joy of becoming an American. All this is due to the entry of a sinister priest from the Catholic Church, prompting Maria to reassess her own existence with the question.

                                                            Who  am I ?
I Was
Artistic and emotional
Truth -loving
Needful of loving
                                                                Today I am

                                                                Abused and
                                                                                                truth and justice
                                                                Wishing to

My last desire is for people to know the truth, while hoping to be understood and  believed .
     I beg all humanity to stop believing in any supernatural power outside of us. Only we can create our destiny since only we are the true god.
Therefore, we have to respect and love each other because every time we hurt another, we are actually killing some part  of the real god who is evolving and actualizing within us. In so doing, we stop fulfilling our dream, which is to achieve perfect godhood inside ourselves.
The only moral code that can help us is Confucius' saying  "Do not do to any one anything that you would not  like to be done to you." Let us grow together in truth and justice that only we can give to each other.


Family Expert and Father Shares Life-Enhancing Parenting Principles

Paul Zucker’s book Loving Our Children, Loving Ourselves is a remarkable and groundbreaking approach to creating prosperity, happiness, fulfillment and an abundance of love in one's family life. In this book, parents will learn how they can achieve their most profound desires for themselves and their children. Simultaneously, parents will also learn how to significantly reduce the worries, fears, anger, conflicts, and emotional and behavioral problems that can cause unhappiness and are also obstructions to creating love within their family.

In order to accomplish this, the book describes how parents need to learn to go beyond the feeling of love to the act of love. The book shows how the act of love creates profound and life enhancing changes. Loving Our Children, Loving Ourselves reveals the powerful parenting secret that in order to authentically love their children, parents need to also learn how to love themselves; we can't meaningful give to others what we have not given to ourselves. The book describes in a very readable and comprehensive way, how parents can learn to authentically embody loving actions towards themselves and their children. Together, then, parents and their children can learn how to promote and ensure their emotional, physical, and material well being while achieving their individual and mutual potential.

Loving Our Children, Loving Ourselves is also a highly personal and autobiographical account of the author's transformation as a parent. Powerful, personal, and compelling stories will inspire parents and will also help them to learn in an uplifting and meaningful way.

"Astounding honesty... This book is just about the best blueprint for helping parents that I have ever read." -Antoinette Bosco, syndicated columnist, author of seven books including Successful Single Parenting, and mother of seven.

"Paul Zucker reveals the powerful secret that loving our children and loving ourselves go hand in hand." -Father Paul Keenen, author of Good News for Bad Days, and radio talk show host.

"Truly an inspiring and uplifting book that will have a major impact on one's personal growth and development." -Dr. Jeffrey C. Greenberg, Psychologist and Author

"Great book, inspiring - a must have. It will help me be the best Dad I can be." - Adam Christing, Parent and father of 2, Los Angeles, CA

"Incredibly helpful, easy to read, wonderful principles that work. A powerful book!" - Linda Giordano, Parent and mother of 2, Westbury, NY

Sometimes, a few powerful ideas can make a big difference.

Click Here

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"The United States of America and The Millennial Kingdom of God."

Only KiwE has this book:

Surprising evidence that the millennial
Kingdom of God may already be established
and the world is being prepared for
Christ's glorious appearance !!!
When did it happen? Who is America's Prophet?
When did Christ appear? When is His coming in glory?

Must reading for anyone who anticipates the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ or sees
a divine role for the USA, it's
Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Provides a new perspective of political history.
Clarifies Daniel's Old Testament prophecy concerning
the establishment of the Kingdom of God, and
highlights a starring role for the USA and
it's most famous religious institution.

Thoroughly researched with color illustration,
maps and timelines.

April 21, 2001

TO: All News Media Outlets -- Media Advisory
WHAT:   Press Credential Applications being accepted for
Red Herring's Venture 2001 at:       
WHEN:   April 29 - May 1, 2001
WHERE:  Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, CA

Join the world's most influential thought leaders in finance, technology
and business innovation at Venture 2001, Red Herring's annual
invitation-only summit. Venture 2001 will provide insiders a sneak peak at
Red Herring's annual list of "Top 50 Private Companies" and our "Ten to
Watch," the brightest new companies on the technology horizon. With special
emphasis on the volatile market, the stellar line up of industry leaders
will debate the strategic issues facing these companies as well as identify
real opportunities and pitfalls for those who want to capitalize on today's
market swings.

Venture 2001 will feature:

Richard Holbrooke, former US Amabassador, United Nations
Vinod Khosla, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufiled & Byers
Todd Brown, President, E-Commerce Division and Executive Vice President,
Kraft Foods
Ravi K. Chiruvolu, Managing Director, Charter Venture Capital
Graham Collins, President and CEO, The Pantellos Group Limited Partnership
Christine Comaford, Managing Director, Artemis Ventures
Seth Neiman, Managing Partner, Crosspoint Ventures
Theresia Ranzetta, Partner, Accel Partners
Shane V. Robison, Senior Vice President, Technology and CTO, Compaq
Val Vaden, Managing Partner, Vector Capital
Anthony Perkins, Chairman, Red Herring Communications
Jason Pontin, Editor, Red Herring

Venture 2001 offers the inside scoop on the hottest technology trends as
well as an introduction to the emerging companies who hold the greatest
promise. Designed specifically for venture capitalists, institutional
investors, senior-level business executives, Red Herring Events provide you
a forum you can't find anywhere else.

For additional information regarding Venture 2001, including agenda,
additional speakers, and sponsors, check out:



Internationally Published Winnipeg Author, Alex Domokos, Releases First

(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - March 27 2001) -

"Tell me God! I cry. How many more horrors do we have to experience? But God does not respond to my impertinent challenge."

These stirring words are from The Price of Freedom, Alex Domokos'
autobiography that has just been released in e-book form by e-Publisher Mr. Domokos is a versatile author of poems, short
stories, essays and novels, well as an accomplished sculptor, photographer
and cinematographer. He currently has five books in publication in his
native Hungary and his works have been part of several Anthologies of
Canadian-Hungarian authors.  The Price of Freedom is his first e-book.

Although Mr.  Domokos is published in Hungary he found the print market in
North America to be difficult to break into.  "I've found the North American
markets to be dominated by several big names.  It's difficult for mid-list
authors to be taken on by the large houses.  A friend encouraged me to try
e-publishing and I'm pleased to say that that suggestion has resulted in a
very satisfying association with"

What the reviewers are saying about The Price of Freedom:  "This fine book
tells of man's struggle against his most fearsome enemy - his own kind. It
is a story of man's frailty and vulnerability. At the same time, it is the
story of man's greatness - how he can confront a long series of torments,
endure and emerge with his essential soul and decency intact."

Visit the author's website at    to view his
Bio, and excerpts from his autobiography: The Price of Freedom.  I have
prepared several media kits regarding Mr. Domokos and e-publishing as a
whole.  You may contact me to arrange an interview with Mr. Domokos or to
receive a media kit.

The novels "The Price of Freedom" and
"Prometheus" ARE NOW AVAILABLE at:
Visit the web site

Contact: Bob Miko, Director, Pacific Dialogue Trade Show Bureau
Deirdre Hussey, Director of Corporate Communications, Red Herring
Communications, Inc.
415.865.2277 ext. 279, Deirdre.Hussey@RedHerring.Com

Robert J. Miko
Public Relations Consultant
Pacificdialogue Trade Show Bureau
33 Ferry Court North
Stratford, CT 06615
providing PR support and counsel for trade shows & events

April 21, 2001

Marika Flatt

National Media Director
Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists
4412 Spicewood Springs, Ste. 102
Austin, TX 78759

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                CONTACT: Marika Flatt, 512-478-2028, x201


“Mind the Gap” Program Furthers Literacy:

Kick-off at BEA 2001


WHO:           Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists and high school newspaper staffs

WHAT:           The “Mind the Gap” program, which jump-starts a book review section in high school newspapers

WHEN:           Launch at Book Expo America, June 1-3, 2001

WHERE:        Chicago (Booth # 4360)

(Austin, TX)  Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, dedicated to promoting authors and their books, is launching a program to increase reading for pleasure in high schools across the country.  The “Mind the Gap” program, which will be launched at Book Expo America 2001 (BEA) in Chicago, is designed to jump-start book review columns in high school newspapers across the country.  Many high school newspapers do not currently have a book review section, such as the ones found in most dailies and weeklies.

“Kids read for fun and adults read for pleasure and information, but teens often only read because they have to.  This is the gap we want to fill,” explains Marika Flatt, Phenix & Phenix’ National Media Director.

Phenix & Phenix will supply sample book reviews and general guidelines on the review writing process, supplied by Austin Chronicle book review editor, Clay Smith. They are also supplying a teen-oriented book, The Way of Youth by Daisaku Ikeda, to all the journalism staffs to kick off the slate of reviews.  After the book review section is solidified, Phenix & Phenix will continue to provide books that are geared toward teens.

Phenix & Phenix has contacted a small number of “test schools” to obtain feedback on the program and have received a positive response.  “In addition to our newspaper, we’re in the process of publishing a literary journal.  We’re looking forward to further enhancing our school’s literary programs by working with Phenix & Phenix.  We feel fortunate that they are interested in collaborating with our young people in their literary pursuits,” says Mary Webber, Lanier High School (Austin, TX) journalism teacher.

For more information on the “Mind the Gap” program or to get involved, contact Marika Flatt: 512-478-2028, x201 or  Phenix & Phenix will be in booth # 4360 at BEA. 

Marika Flatt
National Media Director
Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists
4412 Spicewood Springs, Ste. 102
Austin, TX 78759

April 20, 2001

Media Alert Pacific Dialogue News Bureau
33 Ferry Court North, Stratford, CT 06615
Contact: Bob Miko, Tel: 203-378-2803 Cell:

InfoToday 2001
TO: All News Media Outlets -- Media Advisory
WHAT: InfoToday 2001
Online Press Registration for InfoToday 2001:
WHEN: Conference Sessions: May 15 - 17, 2001
Exhibit Hall: May 15 - 17, 2001
WHERE: New York Hilton Hotel & Towers, New York, NY
Pacific Dialogue Trade Show Bureau
Tel: 203-378-2803 Cell: 203 829-5613
InfoToday 2001, the global conference and exhibition on electronic
information and knowledge management, is being launched this spring.
InfoToday 2001 takes the place of the National Online Meeting and includes
expanded coverage of  the  electronic information industry as well as
covering the emerging area of knowledge management.

InfoToday 2001 will feature presentations from
· Robert E. Kahn, Corporation for National Research Initiatives, on
"Managing Digital Objects on the Net"
· David Snowden, Director, Institute for Knowledge Management, IBM, on
"Innovation, Knowledge Management and Corporate Success"
· Tom Davenport, Director for Strategic Change, Accenture, on "Knowledge
Management and Beyond"
· Nick Bontis, CKO,, and Director, Institute for Intellectual
Capital Research, McMaster University "All Aboard! Take a Knowledge Journey"

InfoToday 2001 will present three core conferences for information
professionals and knowledge managers:
· National Online 2001 continues to focus on content as well as information
delivery technologies. In 2001 it will bring together a blend of
information industry innovators and practitioners from around the world.
· KnowledgeNets 2001 provides complete coverage of knowledge management and
its applications within today's organization. Included are practical
programs and case studies on theories, practices, processes, tools, and
solutions for enterprise knowledge networks.
· E-Libraries 2001 caters to the needs of library managers and technology
specialists and will cover latest developments in library systems and
services. This conference focuses specifically on distribution and
management of information through corporate, academic, and public libraries
and information centers.

Over 100 booths featuring the top companies in the information service and
knowledge management industries will be displaying the latest in search
engines, online and Internet databases, KM products and services. The
exhibit hall will also include a presentation theater for free workshops
and hands-on "cybertours" aimed at providing attendees with the richest
learning and networking experience.

As a valued member of the press, you are invited to attend InfoToday 2001
at the New York Hilton & Towers, New York, NY.
Information Today, Inc. is the organizer of the InfoToday 2001 Conference &
Exhibition, Computers in Libraries Conference & Exhibition, Internet
Librarian Conference & Exhibition, Internet Librarian International
Conference & Exhibition, and KMWorld Conference & Exhibition. ITI also
publishes Computers in Libraries, Information Today, Link-Up, Searcher,
MultiMedia Schools, KMWorld, and other books, directories, and online
products for the library and information user and professional. ITI's goal
is to provide users and producers of information products and services with
the information they need to do their jobs as effectively as possible. For
more information on attending or exhibiting at InfoToday 2001, please
contact ITI at 800-300-9868 (outside the U.S. call 609-654-6266), e-mail, or log onto the ITI Web site at

Username:         Julianne P. Rhodes
UserTel:          919-596-7663

Writing through grief is a therapeutic method to healing after the death of a child.    Author of "Slices of Sunlight, A Cookbook of Memories", and speaker, Alice J. Wisler, will lead the Writers' Workshop April 21, 2001 at the Regional Compassionate Friends Conference in Denver, Colorado. She will focus on the 26 Steps to Writing Effectively during deep seasons of pain.  She will be available to sign her book which will sold at the Butterfly Boutique during the conference.


Robert J. Miko
Public Relations Consultant
Pacificdialogue Trade Show Bureau
33 Ferry Court North
Stratford, CT 06615
providing PR support and counsel for trade shows & events

April 2, 2001






March Press Release: THE CIRCLE OF HEALING

Stress, alienation, and illness result from living out of balance with nature, according to Cathy Holt, author of The Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and Nature. Symptoms may be the body’s way of communicating with us. The key to health is listening respectfully to the messages constantly being offered by our bodies, our inner selves, other people, and the natural world. Drawing on the wisdom of indigenous cultures, poets, and spiritual traditions, The Circle of Healing reminds us of the power of the circle, a acred symbol of wholeness. Whether it is a circle of friends, a self-help group, a council circle, or a medicine wheel bounded by the four directions, circles connect us to one another and to a larger world.

Holt's insights grew out of her work as a biofeedback therapist with injured and stressed clients at clinics in Berkeley and Oakland and from her own many-layered experiences including imagery work, support circles, and vision questing. Spending time in nature brought home to her the deep link  between the health of the Earth and our own health. Her personal healing process involved not only working with physical symptoms but also struggling to overcome judgment and self-blame. The book is full of intriguing, often humorous stories and thought-provoking exercises. Cathy Holt is a holistic health educator with a Master's in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley. A biofeedback therapist for fourteen years, she co-authored Creating Wholeness (Plenum, 1993). An ecological activist, she contributes to EarthLight magazine and teaches in an afterschool solar energy education program. Cathy lives in the Hanover Ecovillage, an experimental  neighborhood community in Oakland.

Publisher/ISBN/Price: Talking Birds Press, 0-9677777-0-4, $14.95 ( more information, contact Fern Francis: (510) 835-2765.  To order: (800) 404-9492

Cathy Holt
The Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and Nature
Talking Birds Press
phone & fax (510) 835-2765
to order: (800) 404-9492


For Immediate Release

Business Leaders Join Advisory Board ­

Publishing and Computing Expertise to Rights Marketplace

New York, NY ­ February 21, 2001 ­, the leading rights
marketplace, announced the formation of a new Board of Advisors today. The
Board is composed of leading publishing and technology executives and
provides strategic exposure in the publishing and financial communities.
The Board's formation cements's position as the leading
transactional marketplace for book publishing rights. Specifically, the
Board is composed of:

- Terry Dwyer, Former General Manager, MacMillan, Inc. and former CEO, (acquired by BUY.COM) [NASDAQ: BUYX]

- Edward Feighan, Former U.S. Congressman and former CEO, Century Business
Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: CBIZ]

- Bill Gladstone, Founder and President, Waterside Productions, the
premiere literary agency for computer and technology books

- Bob LiVolsi - Former Senior VP, Crossroads Systems, Inc. [NASDAQ: CRDS]

- Tom Pomeroy ­ Founder, SoftBook Press (acquired by Gemstar-TV Guide
International, Inc.) [NASDAQ: GMST]

- Kenzi Sugihara - Former VP, Random House and Publisher,

"This is a world-class group of business and publishing leaders," said Nick
Bogaty, President of "The Board will solidify our vision
and resources."

"We like the business model and feel it is the right
approach for selling many different kinds of rights," said Bill Gladstone,
Founder of Waterside Productions. "The online listing
capability is very efficient."

"This group of leaders represents some of the most talented and important
members of the publishing and technology communities," said Eric Miller,'s Chief Executive Officer. "They will work with us to
develop and broadcast our strategic initiatives and vision to the
publishing community."

"There is tremendous leadership power at," said Congressman
Edward Feighan (OH). "The members of the advisory board will solidify that
strength." has established strategic relationships with industry
leaders including the National Writers Union, SPAN,, Waterside
Productions, Combined Book Exhibit, Quality Solutions, and Foreword
Magazine. is the most efficient, easiest to use rights marketplace
where publishers, agents, scouts and authors can actually close rights
deals online. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in
Austin, Texas and Barcelona, Spain. The company was founded in 1999 and is
privately held.

Contact: Nick Bogaty
Tel: 212-924-9081

Jacksonville, FL March 23, 2001


It just seems that school shootings are not going to go away.

Dr. Herb Wagemaker knows why these kids are shooting!

He is the author of "Taming Oedipus: Boys and Violence Why?" which explores the psyche of violent, young American males.  Perhaps more important, he is a psychiatrist who knows how to help young boys involved in the mayhem.  He knows how to help victims and their families.  He knows how to help the boy's family.    And, he knows why kids are shooting.

It is worthwhile to talk to him.  His insight will broaden your understanding and your ability to report and analyze these tragic events.

To talk to Dr. Wagemaker please call 904-285-1149 between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00 Eastern Time.  If there is no answer, leave a message.  He will attempt to reach you as soon as possible.

Herbert A. Wagemaker MD, is a psychiatrist practicing in Jacksonville, Florida.  He has taught psychiatry at the University of Louisville and the University of Florida.    He is the author of two other books on psychiatry, one which demystifies schizophrenia and depression and one which helps families deal with bipolar disorders.    He is currently researching a book on advanced treatment modalities for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Taming Oedipus: Boys and Violence Why?  (ISBN 096549964-2) is available in most bookstores.

For more information or a review copy contact:

Ted DeGroot
888-677-5556 Extension 206


Earth day is coming in April and I would like to introduce you to a unique
genre of environmental mystery/thrillers which entertain and build
environmental awareness.

Please visit our website at , where you will find a free
newsletter covering hundreds of environmental headlines from around the
world and a complete press kit about our novels.

We can send you review copies of the first of the series, Countdown in
Alaska and galleys of Worst Case Scenario after you have reviewed the
website materials.

Here is a brief note about Countdown in Alaska, the premiere of the series.

Countdown in Alaska
by Charles LoPinto and Lidia Llamas
ISBN 09677441-3-x Price $11.95

In the premiere of this series of thrillers Juliana del Rio, EPA and Sean
Ryan, FBI, risk all to battle criminals who pollute our oceans and threaten
to turn Alaska into a nuclear wasteland. Inspired by real events and FBI and
EPA investigations.

"All the good stuff is here for a thrilling read. Frighteningly current and
Book Reader, California.

"I hope there will be more EnviroCrime Mysteries, cause I truly enjoyed the
fast pace of this exciting story."
Ann Thomson, Rocky Ford Daily Gazette, Colorado.

"Poised to become the E-files of the environment... within a few paragraphs,
the reader is caught up in the story's plot."
Mason Canyon, Chattooga Press.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Grant "Skip" Treaster, 800-536-6162


News Release from BookZone Inc.,

The Internet's largest and oldest publishing community, serving
3,500 publishing professionals. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, BookZone
is once again making ePublishing news through a recent alliance with
Specialty Books to provide its 58 online university clients with
learning materials in eBook (digital) formats for secure use by
faculties, administrations and students. Through these efforts,
BookZone is helping to advance ePublishing technology as a viable tool
for online "distance learning" by bringing the classroom to the student.

I hope you'll find space for our story, which follows. Please feel free
to contact me at 800-536-6162 (480-481-9737) or
to answer any questions or to provide additional information. Thank you.

Best regards,

Grant "Skip" Treaster
Marketing Director
BookZone, Inc.
streaster@ bookzone, inc.


BookZone And Specialty Books Forge ePublishing Alliance

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Web publishing experts and ePublishing services
provider BookZone, Inc. has reached an agreement with textbook
distributor Specialty Books to provide its 58 online university clients
with learning materials in digital formats for secure distribution to
administrations, faculties and students.

Specialty Books was the first company of its kind to offer textbook
distribution for students enrolled in distance learning programs and
those pursuing non-traditional degrees. "This tremendously exciting
transition into ePublishing represents a major step forward in our
commitment to continue to meet the new and anticipated demands of the
institutions served by Specialty Books," says Andrew Herd, Director
of Business Development for Specialty Books.

The company will be using BookZone's new EDGE(tm) ("Electronic Document
Generation and Encryption") system to provide its affiliated
universities with a fully integrated ePublishing program that offers
compatible software, security and ease of encryption, and the capacity
to work with and convert multiple formats. "Working with Specialty
Books is a wonderful opportunity for us at BookZone to further explore
what I fully believe is proving to be one of the most pertinent and
immediate applications of the ePublishing technology -- its role in
education," explains Mary Westheimer, CEO of BookZone.

For more than 15 years, Specialty Books has been providing distance-
learning students with textbooks, study guides, course packs, audio,
video and CD-based educational materials, lab kits, and collegiate
apparel. "The addition of ePublishing services is one more innovation
that allows us to continue to remain at the forefront of our
industry," says Herd.

"We opted to partner with BookZone," Herd adds, "because they offered,
in one stroke, a complete turnkey solution, a proven mode of operation,
and above all, a courteous, knowledgeable staff that unstintingly gave
advice, support and assistance from my first inquiry through to the
presentation stage to one of our major client institutions."

In launching their ePublishing services, Specialty Books put their
system through a detailed testing phase by also having BookZone assist
in developing a series of pilot ePublishing materials, including
digital workbooks and a study guide for one of Specialty Books' major
clients, Excelsior College. Excelsior (formerly Regents College) has
focused on distance learning programs for more than 30 years, and now
serves more than 17,000 distance learners in every U.S. state as well
as in several countries.

Like other distance education institutions, Excelsior has found that,
in the past, getting printed materials to their students quickly,
reliably and inexpensively has been a challenge. This is particularly
true where international borders are involved; students living
overseas have often reported shipping delays of several weeks or even
months. ePublishing provides the solution to these concerns by
enabling students to access study materials through the Internet,
quickly, easily and without experiencing shipping delays.

Beyond its convenience and immediacy, ePublishing may offer an even
greater benefit to distance learners. "Downloading materials directly
to their computer enables students to start studying while their
motivation is still high," observes Dr. David Brigham, Dean of
Learning Services at Excelsior College. "I expect ePublishing to help
our students achieve their goal of degree completion."

Specialty Books' Andrew Herd agrees with the value of ePublishing's
role in the future of distance learning. "We are fortunate to be able
to take advantage of the collective experience and wisdom of the
BookZone staff in this effort to make ePublishing an integral part of
our mission to support the teaching and learning activities of
distance education," observes Herd.

"In our book," he adds, "BookZone gets a perfect score!"

To contact Specialty Books, call 800-466-1365 or see their Web site
at For more information about BookZone, call
800-536-6162, email or check their Web site at


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