Marc Ogle, author of Growth Industries & ABEND novels

First Novel: Growth Industries

Author Marc Ogle


Author Marc Ogle is an adventure writer of the novel: ABEND: Stories of America Along US.60. This new book is the continuation of his first book, Growth Industries: Stories of America Along US.60 published by Professional Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 316 pages, $10.

ABEND-94, the author's second book is coming out this summer, '97. The story takes off from where the first book ended when Pat the narrator (a lesbian woman) ends in jail after a drug bust which is initiated by her former lover. Later, she gives up her lesbian past to become the American role model.

Following Pat's release from jail she marries Brian, a long time friend. She becomes pregnant by her husband and together, they try to put together a family. Political sabotage and ghosts follow them all year and will result in the death of Pat's friend Julie. Subsequently, Pat was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown in another of her homes along US.60.

The book is meant to be entertaining with an underlying tone of relentlessness. The events occur in Arizona and in Europe and the supporting characters are disguised popular figures in Arizona.

To order book: or call 906-249-4297. ABEND-94, $11, Growth Industries, $10.

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