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The Bearer of the Sign

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by Deeva Denez

The Stories of Deeva Denez in three books

The Story of Deeva Denez in three Books

Deeva Denez is an author with many colorful experiences in her life. One day she picked a pen and decided to share those experiences with others.

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uncaged: A Story of Faith and Survival is one of her three books written from her painful experience of being married to an abusive husband who physically and emotionally abused her.

She came from a family where her father used to drink while physically abusing her. Life was good when she was first married to her first husband until what she refers to as the golden year ended.

She was later plagued with abandonment, depression, financial hardship and a dysfunctional family. She learned to forgive her father and her first husband to set herself free of emotional turbulence

228 pages, ISBN # 0-75965-841-2 .

The Image; A Prophetic Birth by Deeva Denez

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Deeva’s second book The Image; A Prophetic Birth is about the fulfillment of the prophecy told to her and about what she herself experienced in life.

In this book she tries to share with others the power of spirituality and how God works with people to manifest His power and will on earth.

It helps us to understand our mission in life as she explains the difference between the human body and the creation of the spirit.

242 pages, ISBN # 1-4033-8523-8

The Bearer of the Sign by Deeva Denez

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The Bearer of the Sign is the continuation of the first book, Uncaged. It is an interesting story of how she discovers her second husband, the man who brings her joy and happiness.

She starts the book with a prayer to God to send her a man who will bring her happiness. She receives some divine messages and these lead her to the man she calls the bearer of the sign, who later becomes her soulmate.

Deeva Denez’s books take the reader on the journey of life in many different ways. They are very entertaining and, for the most part, the book teaches us more about the lessons of life.

228 pages, ISBN # 0-75965-841-2

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