Cosmic Perspective by Harold Allen

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Harold Allen shows the popular Big Bang theory to be wrong in this remarkable book:

Cosmic Perspective.

Cosmic Perspective by Harold Allen is actually two books in one. Together, they explain the present a realistic assessment of the world in which we find ourselves.

Part One deals with creation of the universe, evolution and the issue of soul or spirit. Combining logic and philosophy with his sound knowledge of astronomy and physics, the author has developed a truly revolutionary treatise of universal reincarnation - extending from the smallest quantum of mass-energy to a final state of cosmic perfection: God.

Commencing with the realization that the famous Michelson-Morley light experiment of 1887 was totally misinterpreted - giving rise to an erroneous concept of radiation propagation - a host of discoveries followed:

The popular Big Bang creation model was shown to be utterly false.

All previous objections to a steady-state cosmology are seen to be unjustified.

Expansion of the universe may be ascribed to gravitational repulsion - the proffered formula for which is able to resolve all "missing mass" problems in astrophysics.

Evolution and reincarnation are linked by formula to the rate of cosmic expansion - giving us valuable insight into rebirth of the human soul.

A most amazing prediction is advanced concerning the eventual fate of our planet.

Part Two features a penetrating analysis of Biblical literature, along with suggestions for establishing a World Society. Certain highlights of this section are as follows:

Both Old and New Testament writings are shown to be permeated by a unique system of symbolism, with historical accuracy being of quite secondary importance.

Startling disclosures are made concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls. In fact, such evidence clearly reveals that associates of Jesus had no thoughts of Him being other than a simple philosopher/teacher of Jewish tradition.

Much of what we call "Christianity" today is really the outcome of a merger with an old religious cult.

Cosmic Perspective is surely destined to become one of the more controversial books of our time, and is bound to be of profound interest to scientist and layman alike.(275 pages, $21.95)

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