Car Buying 101: The hour it takes to read this book could save you hundreds of dollars by Myra Dee Anderson-Dunn & Keith Dunn (published by Dunn Deal Automobile Consultants, Ferndale, 66 pages, $6.95).

Most of us need good cars to get around, but the cost today can sometimes discourage people from going to a new car salesperson. Compounding the situation, many of the salespeople are out to squeeze every dollar they can get from vulnerable customers. According to studies, women have always been cheated by car sales more than men. The reason is not difficult to understand because car sellers prey on human emotions and especially desire.

Car Buying 101 exposes the tricks dealers play to maximize their own profits at the expense of the customers. It outlines where dealers derive most of their profits, advises people where and when to shop for cars, and deals with problems to avoid. The authors from their revelations have many surprises for readers. For example, it is indicated that an average car dealer makes more money financing a vehicle than selling it. The primary purpose of the book is to empower readers by giving them information needed to negotiate an equitable purchase or lease price for their next vehicle.

This book is powerful ammunition for potential car buyers to prepare them for their next negotiation with car salespeople. Everybody must read this book before thinking about buying the next car because the key word is "preparation." (Myra or Keith Dunn: (313)-864-2711)