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Learn why millions of Americans are starting home based Network Marketing Businesses to supplement their income. Learn why manufacturers are using Network Marketing and not retail stores to get their products to customers.

There is ample reason to believe that the current networking marketing revolution will continue to unfold in the opening of the twenty-first century

The effectiveness of multilateral marketing as a distribution channel has been evident since 1960s, and the industry has withstood a host of challenges.

The Wave of the Future

by  Dr. Adams Agahiu

Today, more and more people see network marketing as a low-cost means for realizing the American Dream of business ownership and to escape from (or at least hedge against) an increasingly uncertain employment outlook. Information Age technologies are presently allowing network marketing distributors to shed many routine functions while enhancing their ability to conduct selling and recruitment activities. Challenge remain to be surmounted, but as the network marketing industry matures and solidifies, its capacity to meet them should rise accordingly.

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Not only does the present writer anticipate that network marketing will enjoy a powerful growth trajectory in the years ahead, he also believes that its product/service line will become increasingly diversified in the future.

As the example of Pre-Paid Legal Services shows, network marketing is uniquely suited to the creation of demand for new products and services.

As the pace and complexity of modern life increases, the public will turn to network marketing distributors for personalized solutions.

The writer also suspects that major corporations will out-source a portion of their advertising, promotion, and sales functions to independent network marketing concerns. At the same time, alliance between network marketing programs and various types of non-profit organizations are likely to come about.

Network Marketing scores big in that Agahiu presents his augments clearly and simply but does not insult the reader's intelligence. Dr.  Adams A. Agahiu, introduces network marketing - the wave of the future. ---------  Desreine Taylor, Triatlantic Books


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