All Your Saint Nicholas Questions Answered, by Harry B Knights

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The Boy With A Wish

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The Book


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Nicholas Making A Toy


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Nicholas is Embraced by the Light


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Author Harry B Knights

All Your Saint Nicholas Questions Answered

by Harry B. Knights

Have you ever wondered where St. Nicholas came from? Why does he leave gifts? Why does he come on Christmas Eve? How does he do it in just one night? If so, Harry Knights has all your answers in his new children's book, The Boy With A Wish. These answers, as well as several wonderful lessons for young people are contained in this lavishly illustrated classic. Children are invited to use their imaginations and enter the snowy world of a young boy named Nicholas. The story is enjoyed by children as young as three, but there is enough awe to capture readers of all ages.

The story of the book is as interesting as the story in the book. Knights wrote the story as a college writing assignment in 1970. A series of mysterious coincidences brought Knights and Studio City Holding (the parent company of Zweig Knights Publishing) together. The book is part of The Nicholas Trilogy, which is in pre-production for a 90-minute TV animation. For certain, this author's Christmas wish came true.

Zweig Knights Publishing,  1997 56 pages, $19.95

ISBN # 1-58114-020-7

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