"Learning to handle stress will prevent all diseases," says Sheldon Cholst, M.D.

Meet the prominent New York psychiatrist who believes cigarette smoking doesn't cause lung cancer, moderate fat diet doesn't cause heart disease.

Dr. Cholst's book can make your life better. Get your copy today.

Dr. Cholst's book can make your life better

Dr. Sheldon Cholst will show you how to live a longer, happier and healthier life by introducing his revolutionary thought modification techniques. Through the "Power of negative thinking," by "hoping for the best while being prepared for the worst," everyone can learn how to better handle the stresses of modern day life, thus avoiding modern diseases.

"The Psychology of the Artist" by Sheldon Cholst, M.D. (published by Beau Rivage Press, New York, 336 pages, $14.95, ISBN # 0-931174-05-8) a contemporary philosophy of social evolution achieved through the highly sensitive focal point of the artistic personality. After a life time of psychiatric research and practice with adults and children, Dr. Cholst offers some unique and extraordinary ideas about living today.

This is an amazing book full of insight, wit, and Dr. Cholst's absolutely unique approach to questions about life, language, evolution and sexuality. -- J.K. Canepa, actor.

The most original scientist I know. He sees things from a new perspective. And he's an artist, too --- there are many new insights in this book. --- Elaine Morgan, anthropologist.

Dr. Cholst has appeared on many national shows including: Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Jackie Mason Show, Joe Franklin Show and Richard Bey Show, and starred in his own T.V. viewer call-in show -- The Hip Shrink, as well as various radio talk shows. Dr. Cholst is a well known psychiatrist in New York and the director of The Institute For Genetic Psychiatry.

"The Cholst's book can make your life better. Get your copy today."

Available:NY., nationwide by arrangement and via telephone. Contact: Dr. Sheldon Cholst, (212) 989-1625. Send book order to: Beau Rivage Press, 7 East 14th Street, (1112) New York, NY. 10003. Credit card orders only call (800)-637-2256. Distributors: Baker & Taylor, Quality Books, Inc.

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