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A Guide To Successful Business Management


Park E. Williams

Park William has been fortunate - he achieved success in his own business. After receiving his B.A. in Business Management, Williams held positions with various companies, including Ford Motor Corporation. Finally, seeking the freedom of his own business, he started U.S. Automotive Supply Company. Now happily retired, Williams desire to share his time-tested knowledge with other entrepreneurs, whether they are just starting or well into their chosen business field. So, he set out to write and publish: A Guide to Successful Business Management. In his book, Williams demonstrates that it was not good fortune alone that allows his success; rather, his implementation of principles of both personal conduct and practical business strategies fostered the company's growth. An initial investment of $10,000 increased to assets of almost a million dollars by Williams' retirement. The advice he offers in the book, he asserts, can apply to companies of any size and to business owners at any stage of their careers.

Williams devotes the first portion of his book to various tips in dealing with the parties involved in a business; suppliers, customers, employees and employer. Much of his information points back to Williams' strong belief in the importance of putting the customer first. This goal of customer service includes such small acts as giving a customer "the best invoice copy, not a smudged carbon copy that can't be read" and keeping open prime parking spaces for customers. Williams practices what he preaches even in a format of his book. A potential reader will notice immediately that the text of this book does not look like others. The sixty-page book is written in all capital letters, with 1 1/2 line spacing, and is printed only on the right side of the pages. Why? This mode of presentation makes it easier for the reader to read the text, and as William summarizes, "Your dedication to your customer must be absolute and complete."

Williams attributes many of the biggest barriers for business owner, new and old, to "simple incompetence." He contends, "Many business owners don't even know how to mark up to get a gross profit." Thus, in addition to his philosophies, Williams discusses many of the practical business strategies he applied. He believes, for example that many stores waste time and energy taking a physical inventory when they can employ the simple method of GPR, or Gross Profit Ratio, a concept he sees as a highlight of the book. He also explores many other strategies, including the function and preparation of balance sheets and preparing profit and loss statement.

To the seasoned busines sperson or the liberal arts major with the dream of one day owning his or her own business, William offers the same words of wisdom, which he states on page one of his book; enjoy the business you have chosen and know it better than anyone else.

A Guide to Successful Business Management (ISBN # 0-9659767-0-X), 61 pages, $9.95 postpaid USA.

To Order: Send check/mo to Park Publishing, 180 Morning Star, Bowling Green, KY. 42103. Tel: (502)-843-9991.

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