The historical Achievements of a Remarkable President


President Bill Clinton is making history. Since his election victory in 1992, he has changed the face of America and American democracy. With the help of his wife, First Lady Hillary Clinton, his achievements superceded what the public has expected putting many of his political enemies to shame. In his State of Union Address on Tuesday January 26, 1998, his initial point of emphasis was to give opportunities and encouragement to those who want to work hard to attain the American dream. He succeeded in reducing the government including staff reduction in the White House. Interest rates have gone down so low that sales of new homes have exploded across the country. Unemployment is down and so is the crime rates as President Clinton's economic policies helped to create millions of jobs. Businesses are reaping giant profits and the Wall Street is booming to such a level some people are worried about how long will this new economic prosperity last.

Digest from the State of Union Address

When President Clinton took office, it was supposed to be a projected government deficit of 350 billion dollars and still going up. In 1998, the government deficit has gone down to only 10 billion dollars and a giant surplus is expected very soon. He promised to submit a balance budget for the fiscal year 1999 with a projected surplus.

With this giant surplus, the President requests the money be used first to rescue the Social Security. He proposes increase in minimum wage, making college available for every American who wants higher education. Part of his education package is to help public schools reduce class sizes so teachers can be more effective. He proposes an end to automatic promotion from one class to the next (social promotion) and makes summer school mandatory to help students lagging behind.

More on the State of Union address, President Clinton has something for everybody. He wants to help workers who lose their jobs similar to the way workers were helped after military base closings. He encourages the passing of the New African Trade Act. On medical treatments, he wants the medical decision to be made by physicians, not by insurance companies. People should be given medical options, have the right to choose their own doctors, keep medical records confidential and people should be able to visit emergency room anywhere they want. The President wants children to be protected from the tobacco because youngsters are starting to smoke early in life and many of them will die of premature death due to tobacco and smoking related illnesses. He proposes tax credits for companies providing childcare on the job. According the President Clinton, "No single American should choose between a job they need and a child they love." He encourages the Congress to pass the law to keep drugs off our borders, pass campaign reform this year, 1998, and encourage bi-partisan IRS reform. He wants to end discrimination in America because, "Discrimination against any American is un-American."

Ongoing attempts for political decapitation of President Clinton

Despite all his great achievements, his political enemies have been continuously looking for ways to decapitate his government. They tried everything from false accusation to rumors and even entrapment. Will his political enemies succeed? Only time will tell.

Prior to this time, the American democracy used to be the symbol of the greatest democracy in the world. Being a political opponent used to never confer enmity. Despite differences, everybody is supposed to operate under the same banner of democracy and freedom. The great value of democracy is not to attack an opponent as if dealing with an enemy. This means, the loser after an election is supposed to not only accept the winner but promise to work together for the betterment of the country. With the rise of right-wing extremists and the radio talk shows like Rush Limbaugh's American democracy has gone from political opponents to political enemies. The battle ground was designed and the lines drawn. Their primary mission is to destroy President Clinton's administration. Many countries of aspiring democracy are watching what is happening in American democracy and wondering if this is the type of democracy they want to adopt.

Instead of people working together as a nation, the line of ideological differences become battle lines. It's no longer a way to agree to disagree, but a strategy to destroy a political opponent, even after election. Consequently, the relentless desire for political decapitation of President Clinton continues by his political enemies who never care about the nation as they are obsessed with their own egocentric selfishness. Despite all their attempts to get him, President Clinton's job approval ratings continue to go up. This angered his political enemies, subsequently, they resorted to political warfare using the "pussy-power" between the panties. They claimed his achievements are not the issue, they have nothing to do with their mission. They said it has to do with moral issues and his personal life style. Yet, many of these people are no saints, they swim in pools of hypocrisy with many skeletons hidden in the closet. And they have the nerve to talk about somebody else's morality?

"Let those who have never sinned cast the first stone."

Issue of Morality

Many people who have been listening too much to the radio propaganda of Rush Limbaugh have lost their common sense regarding the issue of morality. Take any president in any European nation for example, how can society be expected to put their entire weight of moral leadership in the back yard of a president? A president is not a moralist but a politician, that's why when war breaks out he has to do what is necessary to win the war even if it involves killing thousands of innocent civilians. How can we define any president as a moral leader seeing what happen during any war with many casualties and bloodshed? It makes sense for any president from the moral point of view to sleep with as many women as he wants than to go drop bombs on some nations and kills thousands and in some situations, millions of people.

Like Prime Minister Tony Blair said when being interviewed by Diane Sawyer, President Clinton's personal affairs should not be regarded as serious issues when there are other matter of life and death situation facing the nation. How can somebody convince some crazy political conservatives who are slaves to ideologies, pointing accusing fingers at other people flaws while covering theirs up?

Some of the people very critical of President Clinton forget some factors, he did not run for the President of the United States as the chairman of Moral majority (Stupid minority) or as a monk. He ran as a politician, and there is a big difference. Of course we expect some moral examples from a sitting President as long as he doesn't snatch somebody's hamburger while jogging pass McDonald's restaurant, or beat somebody upside the head to steal some money --- that's all the morality that counts. Society can't nail a president to the wall because of a social crime committed by 70 percent of married men and 60 percent of married women. If we do, it's hypocrisy!

Charity starts from home, parents should be the role models for their children not sport stars or celebrities. If anybody is looking for a moral leader, such a person should visit his/her minister or go visit the Pope, and not target a politician. Religious leaders are the ones who took the vows to be the moral conscience of society.

Only heaven knows how the right wing extremists can explain the separation of church and state when their intrusion into American politics has done more damage to democracy than it has helped.

Democracy is the government of the people for the people by the people, not a government dominated by a group of people obsessed with their own ideologies.

President Clinton's achievements have raised a giant monument that will shine until the bright face of the sun grows cold.

Reported by 'Yinka Vidal,

OUTCRY Magazine, Lara Publications, St. Louis, MO.

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